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Sunday, February 26, 2017

I got a very interesting question from Jared who wants to know:

Which is better Hereditary Witchcraft or learning to become a witch on your own?

Hi Jared! This is the age old debate; something I have been debating for over 8 years. Let me share my thoughts on each and then what I believe.

Through Birth & Familial Lineage

Familial legacy, is so fascinating, I ran a popular Wiccan Facebook group, long before Facebook became what it is today. So many people posted that they were a hereditary witch, of course there was no way to verify their statements but it's interesting just how many could be telling the truth.

Some say that the witch blood can only be passed down through generation to generation and anyone else who can't immediately identify a witch in their family isn't a true witch.

So witch power; psychic abilities, connection to the natural world, paranormal abilities, etc. Can indeed be passed down from parent to sibling.

Through an Inner Calling

Some say that anyone can be witch all they need is to hear the inner calling in their spirit and they can become a witch.

This is done through personal study, finding a coven or a mentor to teach the ways of a witch.

I often think of this as a calling from the divine Goddess & God.

I recently read a book called "The Flame in the Cauldron" by Orion Foxwood. This book talks about the witch blood or the deep calling within a person to being a witch. I found it very interesting his thoughts on how there's always been a need for witches throughout history. Magickal people who help keep the world in balance, how this is a deep calling that may or may not be sparked through familial ties.

What do I believe?

I believe in both honestly. I do not believe that one is more potent or more powerful than the other. Of course there are benefits of being raised in a family that nurtures your inner witch, however, just like in any other skill in life just because your parents are doctors doesn't mean you have the ability to be a brain surgeon.

You have to study, practice, hone your skills to become a true witch.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Wicca? Witchcraft, they are the same aren't they? Well not quite! There are very distinctive differences between these two practices. However, before I get into those differences I want to share my personal story coming into the craft. 

My Story

I knew I was a witch at a very young age, i'd estimate around age 8 or so maybe even younger. It's something i've always been incredibly passionate about. 
I don't really remember why the word witch was so important to me growing up; maybe it was their ability to transform their world in accordance to their will through magick? Or perhaps it was their tools, the cauldron & their familiar the frog/toad or black cat. I just knew that I was a witch! 

When I was in 6th grade in middle school, I remember starting off searching for information about witches. I was in a new school and their library had books besides just silly story books. I set out to find all I could about Witches so I could "officially" become one. 

Of course my middle school's library didn't have any books on how to become a Witch, they had plenty on the witch trials or the "burning times." I was a bit disheartened from that because naturally their scholarly point of view was "witches do not exist!" Pfft! I was a witch so of course they existed! 

Being naturally persistent and not giving up on something I wanted, I talked to my family (I was lucky enough to have very supportive aunts & parents!) My aunt told me that she had some books she would give me. I was really excited! 

One of those books was Paul Huson's book "Mastering Witchcraft." If you haven't read this book I highly recommend it; but for my 11 year old self, it was intense! I enjoyed it & found it only fueled my interest to find out more information about it! So I went to the bookstore and found some great books; celtic magic by Dj conway was probably the most influential book I read before I started my official witch journey, the first ritual I ever cast was from that book. 

It was a full moon, I was camping at the beach with my mom; I had let her read the book and the ritual. I completed my first full moon ceremony that night and It was so influential at the time that I woke up with my first moontime the next morning. I was officially inititated into being a witch that night! 

It was so powerful & to this day, though I don't remember an awful lot of my middle school years that moment sticks out in time! 

So i continued with other books from Scott Cunningham, Dorothy Morrison, Silver Ravenwolf, DJ Conway, Diane Stein, Ed Fitch, and Raven Grimassi. Of course one of the things that I didn't realize at the time that all of these authors wrote from a Wiccan perspective. 

After I graduated high school and really stepped into myself as a witch, I started doing more research on wicca & witchcraft and the differences because at the time I believed they were the same thing, it wasn't until several people corrected me that I realized that there was a difference between the two. 

What Are The Differences Between Wicca & Witchcraft?


  • They are both nature oriented, meaning that their ingredients & practices, techniques for entering into an altered state of consciousness, and their practices are very shamanic in nature. 
  • They both can work with a male or female deity. 
  • Both can involve spells & rituals to create change or honor the seasons. 


  • Wicca is a religion, military can request the pentagram on their tombstone and observe Wiccan ceremonies. As can the incarcerated. 
  • Witchcraft is a practice any religion can have witches; there are Christian's who identify themselves as witches, Jewish witches, Muslim witches. Witchcraft is simply something someone is/does it's not a belief system. 
  • Wiccan's adhere to the "Harm None & The Rule of Three" (explained in the link).
  • Witchcraft there is no code of conduct, because it's not a religion. Just as there is no code of conduct in the crochet or knitting world, it's just a craft that people can do and adapt to their personal beliefs and preferences. 
  • Wiccan's observe the wheel of the year- holidays that align with the solstices. 

So Do I Practice Witchcraft or Am I Wiccan?

Well when I first started off on my witch journey, I identified myself as Wiccan because it's what I knew, it's what was readily available for me at commercial bookstores. A quick side note that there are few really good books on Witchcraft at bookstores 98% of what you find on the shelf are books on Wicca- even if they say witchcraft! Now that I am older, have a job of my own and have done extensive research (we are talking over 200 books yo!) on Wicca and Witchcraft. I am just a witch, I don't hate Wicca, i think it's a very beautiful religion, however, I have always been a "march to your own drum" kinda girl. 

Being Wiccan served me well for many years, I was Wiccan for a good five years before I veered away from calling myself that. 

I'd love to know what you are? Are you a Witch or Wiccan? 

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Items Needed:
  • Rose Petals
  • Jasmine flower petals (substitute pansy flowers)
  • Lavender
  • Rose quartz stone
  • A sprig of Ivy
  • Medium to Large Bottle
  • Pink Candle (or Red)
  • A dash of fresh nutmeg
  • A bowl for mixing ingredients
  • A funnel for sifting ingredients into the bottle
  • Inscribing tool
  • Matches/Lighter
Gather your ingredients in front of you. Light the candle and declare magick is about to take place either by casting a circle or making a statement of intent.

Hold the rose petals in your hand feel them with your fingers are they soft and silky or dry and crunchy? Smell them, do they have a fragrance? Tell the rose petals what you desire them to do for you, in your own words. When you feel this is complete add them to the bowl.

Take the jasmine flowers in your hands; I personally love the smell of real jasmine, empower this herb to bring to you the love you desire! When you are ready add this herb to the bowl

Ivy has long been used as a plant to bind in love. Adding in this plant will help you bind the love you desire to you. Hold this plant in your hands and ask it to bind to you a love true and strong. When you are ready add this plant into the bowl.

Nutmeg is used to ensure fidelity in a relationship, if this is not something you want in a loving relationship then omit this herb. However, if you would like to ensure your lover will be faithful to you, then put a dash of this spice in your hands and empower it to bring you a lover with only eyes for you.  Add it to the bowl when finished.

Sit for a moment and concentrate on your goal of finding and keeping a love that is meant for you. When you have an image firmly placed in your mind run your fingers through the herbal mixture in your bowl empowering it even further to assist you in your goal.  You may want to add a chant at this time such as:
I call across land and sea
For my true love to come to me
You then should drip a couple of drops of wax from your candle to the herbal mixture empowering it with the element of fire to bring you this special love.

Take the funnel and pour the mixture into the bottle. Please note the ivy leaves unless broken up may not fit into the bottle without rolling them up and stuffing them inside- I suggest this is done at the end, so just remove them as you come across them in the funnel process.

Once the herbs and ivy are added into the bottle take your rose quartz stone and hold it in your projective hand. Empower this magickal crystal with the power of love to bring you the best love for you right now in your life.