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Saturday, October 21, 2017


Use this potion to help open your third eye and start trusting the information you receive! Oftentimes trust is the hardest thing to come to terms with when we start working with our psychic abilities, we may get something and not trust it; even if it's accurate. This potion can help. 

Please note that you should not ingest this potion the herbs in this potion are poisonous. 

Items needed:
  • Dried weeping willow leaves or bark
  • Mugwort
  • Moonstone
  • Labradorite
  • Olive Oil or Jojoba oil
Weeping willow trees are associated with the element of water, which rules over the psychic aspects.

Moonstone is the crystal to connect with the moon and can be found relatively in-expensively at new age stores! This stone will help you connect with the psychic aspects of the moon and the waters the moon governs.

Labradorite is my “Go To” stone for psychic ability, just looking at the blue/grey sheen on it as you move it makes my third eye pulsate! Some of the most amazing psychic experiences I have had involve labradorite!

Mix the ingredients together and  you have a magickal oil to anoint your psychic tools & charms which will help you increase your ability to be psychic!

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

I thought i'd show you around my magickal library! I have well over 200 books! Check it out & let me know what you think! 




They’re many different varieties of agates out there below are just some stones in the agate family. Agates by nature are protective stones.


Moss agate is the go to stone for earth energy, it is seeping with green magick, moss agate can be used as a grounding stone, a prosperity stone, and it’s a stone for slow but steady changes. Also a good stone to use if you are in the process of quitting smoking, which I have used with success.


Blue lace agate is a calming stone, great for young boys, or women who are looking to get in touch with the masculine side. Blue lace agate can be used to cool down tempers, or bring about deep relaxation. If you are trying to conceive a boy use this stone for fertility work.


reminds me of a sunset. This stone can be used to shed light on situations, brighten a dark day. It is a protective stone. Cassandra Eason says this stone is wonderful for quitting smoking. Make a gem elixir from Botswana agate to drink in the morning and each time you feel that you need to smoke.


Dendric agate brings stability, and groundedness. I wear a dendric agate ring constantly because the energy of dendric agate is slow moving and results are seen overtime. Add this stone to spells that done over a period of time such as finance spells and business success spells.


is a greenish crystal but when viewed under different lighting conditions it turns a beautiful pink color! What a wonderful stone to work with for healing of the heart chakra! Love and relationships would benefit of an alexandrite stone in magick! Beware though lots are lab created now and are expensive!


Amazonite combines the earth element with the water element creating a balance that can be used for magick, use in spells for healing, and growth, money and emotions.


Amethyst is a go to stone for awakening the third eye. Used by the Greeks and Romans to help one not become intoxicated, this stone can be used as a charm to help one overcome the addiction to alcohol- or to be used in spells to make one see the dangers of alcoholism. This stone can also be used to deepen your psychic ability. Use in spells for calming and psychicism. Amethyst is a stone also great for nightmares to help one overcome them and have a peaceful sleep.


like a ray of sunshine on a cold day amber warms and energizes all it comes in contact with! Amber is actually not a stone but a hardened fossilized resin! Use amber to empower spells and rituals with the energy of the sun and earth! Amber is also known as the Witches Stone! (source-Ann Moura)


Ametrine is a natural (stressed here because a lot on the market is fake, by heating certain parts of an Amethyst crystal causing it to turn yellow for citrine.) crystal of citrine and amethyst! Ametrine combines the wealth drawing powers of citrine, and the intuitive opening energies of amethyst. Ametrine would be a wonderful stone for the intuitive business owner.


is a beautiful pale blue milky stone is perfect for activating our intuition and connecting us of course to our angels. The angels are here to help us and have been since our birth, if you are interested in connecting with the angelic realm this is a perfect safe stone to do so.


Apatite is a stone that comes in several colors; I have personally worked with the green & blue colors. Both colors of apatite work on the digestive system and aids one to balance their digestive system- apatite, absorption, & metabolism.


Comes in a variety of colors- red, pink, blue, green, white, & yellow.  


aids in communication matters, and the ability to be able to express oneself clearly. It also helps one to feel the emotions of others and feel compassion. This is a great stone for someone who is just starting off on their healing journey.


is a good crystal to add to any money magick we may be doing. Aventurine will draw wealth and prosperity to you. Add this crystal to other ventures that need growth as well. Good for those in business for themselves.


Connects with the root chakra which rules sexuality, drive, energy, and protection.


Aquamarine is one of my most favorite stones; this stone connects wonderfully with the element of water.  Aquamarine is good for those who need to communicate but do not know how too. It also serves as a protective stone. It is said that aquamarine will help you connect with water beings such as mermaids and water devas.


This beautiful deep blue stone use this stone to awaken your intuition, psychic, the clairs (clairaudient, clairsentient, clairvoyant, etc). You can use this to connect to your own inner guidance system, and your guides and the higher power you choose to work with (God/Goddess).


Blood stone is the perfect go to stone when one needs some confidence, it was handed to me when I was at a funeral and I had to talk to many different family members dealing with the grieving process. Blood stone is also a wonderful stone for healing issues related to blood.


Bronzite is a brown and black metallic like stone- this grounding stone works well on helping you stay focused and bringing things into action. This stone helps us to determine what we want in our lives so that we can focus on how to bring it into being.


Calcite comes in a variety of colors, green, orange, yellow. Calcites energy relates to the color of the stone you are using, however, the energy is a smoother gentler energy, so it will take longer to manifest, use this stone in long term goals and projects.


is a deep orange stone sometimes with white or darker orange/red inclusions. This stone is a stone of the sacral chakra it rules our creativity, passion, vigor for life. It is also a protective stone which can help us feel safe and secure.


If you were to only get one stone to open your psychic senses I would suggest cavansite to be it. Cavansite immediately opened my psychic centers. **care should be used with this stone as it is incredibly fragile!** This spikey blue stone packs a powerful psychic punch in opening your third eye. It can be used when doing readings, or dreaming or just for you and your evolution. However, I must say this stone may not be for everyone I found it to be a bit like Moldavite, very high energy.


is a clear blue stone, I mostly know this stone by its from in matrix or in a cluster/cave like formation. This stone is wonderful for connecting with the angels and activating our higher chakra’s; throat, third eye, and crown. This stone is perfect for someone who is just looking to start working with their angels and the angelic realm. This stone also has a calming energy and can help one speak their heart while feeling safe enough to do so.


is a beautiful green stone that appears smooth or waxy when polished.  This is a great stone to help you open your heart chakra and bring about lasting love into your life. It aids one to feel compassion when they are having problems finding the ability to do so. This is also a great stone of hope, sometimes all we need in life is hope that the next day will be better this stone can help you or a client find hope even in the most bleakest of situations.


known as the "merchant stone" citrine is all about increasing abundance in our lives, and attracting money our way. Citrine is also one of the most happy and bright stones that I know and can be used to brighten even the darkest of days. Please note that most citrine in stores now are heat treated amethyst and not authentic citrine- though I am not 100% sure it matters as the only difference is that genuine citrine is created by heat in the ground and synthetic citrine is made in a lab by still involves heat. You decide if this is going to impede your magick - as it has not affected mine.


Is a magnificent stone for finding your inner peace; this blue stone radiates a sense of serenity and calm. It looks an awful lot like Sodalite but it’s milkier and grayer. The energy reminds me an aweful lot of the New England area. Use it foster patience & when you are in need of emotional support, this stone reminds you that sometimes we need to fall into the depth of our emotional vastness to find peace. It is okay to cry.


This beautiful green stone, does not have to break the bank, there are many different qualities of this beautiful gem which can become easily affordable for the common folk to hold on too. Emerald is the stone that great


Is a dark colored mineral that grows much like tourmaline in “hairs” and “large clumps” yet when you place a light behind the mineral you will see that it is not black it is indeed a dark green- like a bog or evergreen plant. Epidote is an energy enhancer. It can be added to any grid or working to increase the energy of the other stones it comes in contact with. It is often found growing with Prehnite.


comes in a variety of colors again but these are usually found growing together. There is yellow, white, green, purple, blue, and shades in between. This stone is a great stone for students and scholars as it helps active the mind. Those with intellectual jobs will either find this stone a great aid or become overwhelmed by the spacey feelings that can occur when holding it. I have used this stone with great success while working on research projects, psychic work, and communication. 


*Soft Mineral* Fuchsite is a soft mineral whose texture that reminds me of eye shadow. It’s a wonderful stone for connecting with spiritual beings such as guides, angels, devas, and faeries. It also helps one feel less overwhelmed with life. It’s a fantastic stone to help heal the healer and can be combined with any topical crystal healing modality. Do not use this stone in a direct method for gem elixirs as it will dissolve.


Garnet is a stone of passion, a wonderful stone that can be used to spice things up in a relationship! If your relationship is slowly fading out try adding in some garnet magick to your love life. Love & passion spells will benefit the most from this stone. However, this stone can be added in other spells that require passion and energy such as business and creativity ventures.


Hematite is the perfect grounding stone if you feel like you have excess of any emotion or energy grab a piece of hematite and hold it in your projective hand and ask that all your excess emotions and energy get sucked into this powerful stone. Afterwards let this stone sit out in a place either in a bed of salt or smudged so that the energy is gone and removed. (Please refrain from long exposure to salt water and salt as hematite will rust). There is such a thing as magnetic hematite as well which is a great manifestation stone in the same principles as a loadstone, program a magnetic hematite to what you want to be drawn towards you (health, wealth, love) and then add it to mojo bags, poppets, stick it in your pocket or purse. A great all purpose stone!

Herkimer Diamond:

I first experienced this stone about two years ago while at a crystal store in the Philadelphia region. I was first drawn to its clarity, it reminded me a lot of clear quartz but clearer, also the particular stone I looked at seemed to have some black inclusions. They say this is a stone of attunement and I think it's a stone I need to get attuned too. My experience with this stone was one of great peace; however, it kept me up all night.


Howlite is a white stone often found with black inclusions- this stone is often dyed blue/turquoise and sold as turquoise on the market today. White Howlite is a peaceful calming stone often used for dream work and spiritual guidance. Howlite also helps with bones, teeth, and structure and can be used to heal these ailments.


also known as water sapphire is the stone of the shaman. This stone helps one leave the body for shamanic work and can help increase your intuition or psychic abilities. This stone also helps expand our awareness and increase our connection to the energies beyond ourselves.


Most know this beautiful stone from its green form, popular with the Asian culture, it is often crafted into amulets for protection and wealth. There are other colors associated with jade though:


is attuned to the higher chakras it works on our ability to communicate our truth, protect us while communicating, and bring clarity and focus into our lives.


is sometimes seen in lesser quality Jade pieces, though it is no less powerful. White works with bringing healing energies into our bodies, grounding our spirit into our center, and bringing about a deep sense of calm.


is the type of jade that we mostly see around, and is usually the most sought after pieces. Green jade is associated with abundance (bringing financial and other abundance to the wearer or owner), and protection. Often times jade is given to new born babies to protect them and bring them luck.


is another protective stone family; this family though tends to be on the very affordable side and something you may even find in a stone quarry or rock yard.  


is a red stone with white and black inclusions. This stone is a protective stone that aligns to the root chakra. This stone helps bring vitality and life energy to anything it is placed near. This stone has been used with great success in rain spells bringing rain to parched areas. Use this stone to bring nourishment to parched areas in your life.


this stone is white with black specks in it- it looks so much like a Dalmatian’s coat- this stone is perfect for removing lower vibrational energies and transmuting them into something positive. Again this stone is protective on many levels. I always giggle at the Dalmatian association and “Jasper” being one of the bad guys who steal the Dalmatians for Cruella De Vil in the Disney movie.


This stone is fun and full of energy and life. Yet its properties align to the root chakra which makes it a rather serious stone, this stone like the other jaspers are about holding steadfast to our goals, having clear focus among the chaos, and like the other jaspers grounding.


This stone has a different energy than the other jaspers this stone is more etheric and allows the owner to go more with their psychic and spiritual selves. This is a stone of journeying and meditating, this stone allows one to connect with their spirit animals and spirit helpers. Again though like the other jaspers it is protective. This stone connects the root, heart, and crown chakra.


This stone is from Australia, this stone varies in color but I often see it as intense colors mixed with white not all the way integrated; there are some spots that look like an intense color mixed with white to soften it, with streaks of the intense color and then just spots of white. This jasper helps one to heal and connecting the crown chakra and the third eye chakra bringing awareness and intuition into the healing practice. This stone would be a great stone for alternative healers.


This is a fantastic stone that comes from Madagascar, which can only be mined during low tide. This stone relates to the water element, and will definitely help you out emotionally. This stone helps you come to terms with emotions and release that in the past which no longer serves you. I had a dream once where I wanted to get closer to a guy I really liked and he was stuck in the past and could not move forward because of old “ghosts” instantly I saw him wearing ocean jasper. I wear ocean jasper to keep my emotional body cleansed and not “bottle” up my emotions as much as I used too. This can cause problems with others who are not used to this side of us, but ultimately it’s a healthier you! If you want to connect to the ocean this is the stone to do it! I highly suggest this stone to be used in sea rituals where you cannot be physically present at the sea-side.


I love picture jasper it reminds me of sandstone walls of great mountains in the desert. This is a pale golden color with black or darker lines going through it. This stone is associated with the root chakra and helps to ground us. It brings nurturing energies sparking us to be able to find confidence where we may not have found it before.


a lot of times in large crystal grab bag bins you will find a deep red stone; this is Red Jasper. Red jasper is associated with the root and sacral Chakra. This stone is good for working with passion, and sexual issues. It is very healing and can be used as an emotionally protective stone for those who have suffered abuse in the past and are fearful now. It also governs over stabilizing and can be used to help ground extra energies that may leave us feeling frazzled and fried. 


Zebra jasper is just like its wild animal counterpart, black and white stripped. This stone helps us connect deeply with mother earth; it is associated with the root chakra. If you are feeling sad and having problems seeing the positive in the world this stone may help you break through any inner barriers you may have- this stone brings joy and optimism.


This is a traditional stone for the witch especially when paired with amber. This stone is a grounding stone and is used for protection, if you are gridding your house for protection from any matter of things this stone should be used for this purpose in addition to black tourmaline. It is becoming harder and harder to find real jet on the market a lot of what is being sold is indeed fake. Jet is a light weight stone, so much so that it does not feel like a stone, that is pitch black. Jet is fossilized coal that comes from a type of wood. In addition to the protective properties jet can be used as a healing stone to help relieve pain. It’s a fantastic support stone for those who feel they do not have people support in their life may find this stone to be helpful. It also aids one by clearing other stones it comes in contact with.


There are actually several colors of Kyanite there is blue, black, green, and orange, it should be noted that this particular family second to Citrine is famed for never needing to be cleansed because it is one of the few stones that does not retain negative vibrations instead in transmutes them into something positive.


is one of the best cleansing stones and is often used by healers to cleanse their other stones but care should be used as the Kyanite family is fragile and will break easily.


this is probably one of the most known and easily recognized forms of Kyanite. It is usually sold at metaphysical fairs and stores. This stone works with the throat chakra so it rules over area’s relating to communication, finding your inner voice, and guidance from guides and angels. It is a high vibration stone, and will help your channeling abilities.


Labradorite is a type of feldspar (moonstone is another example of a feldspar) originally found in Canada, labradorite is one of the best stones for scrying (or gazing into an object to receive information in the form of one of the psychic clairs- clairaudient, clairsentient, clairvoyant, etc.)Labradorite reminds me of a cold gray night with flashes of lightning that light up the surrounding landscape. When this beautiful stone is turned it flashes much in the same way rainbow moonstone does. This is another stone of intuition but it’s also a stone of deflecting energies and emotions that are not positive for us. This stone comes to me every day as I travel about the world protecting my body (chakras) and my psychic antenna from picking up information that is best suited I do not get. So this is a stone of intuition, and protection.

Lapis Lazuli-

Lapis is a regal stone, a deep blue with golden flecks inside. When I think of lapis Lazuli I think of the Goddess Isis, this would be a perfect stone to connect with the energies of Isis. However, this stone is traditionally a stone of increasing psychic ability, royalty (so for increasing wealth and prosperity) and night time magick.


Larimar is famed to help the owner communicate with dolphins and other aquatic creatures. This beautiful pale blue and white stone (sometimes with light green mixed in as well) looks just like a Caribbean ocean. This stone is tranquil, during one particularly stressful time in my life I craved Larimar and wanted a bed of it so I could rest my weary head.  This is a nurturing stone, it helps aid communication, and is a high vibrations stone- to this day I still wear a small piece of larimar to help bring about tranquility.


this is one of the ultimate stones in helping one find their inner peace, the stone make up actually includes lithium a drug that is given to help a person relax- those who are already on a lithium medication or one like that should be careful when holding this stone for extended periods of time. This stone aids in shifting awareness to that of global and universal focus rather than on just oneself. It is also a stone of transition, if you are going through a particularly rough period and need help getting to the next step then this stone is good to help you get there.


Malachite aids in teeth regeneration, it is especially powerful after one has dental surgery, and has been used with great success by myself and others in reducing swelling & pain after tooth extraction. One should be really careful with using this stone though because Malachite amplifies all emotions and actions, if you are full of energy and vigor malachite will bring more for you to draw from but if you are depressed and sad this stone will only make this more pronounced in your “vision”. This stone also is a deeply protective stone and at one point I had a vision of using it as a love amulet shaped like an elephant.


Mica is a mineral that grows in sheets, and can be pulled part like pieces of an onion. It actually grows in quite large quantities where I live and often is found in stream beds and the sand and rock that lines the stream beds often glisten with small pieces of mica. Mica is about finding peace and strength within your current life situations. Like an onion mica can be used as a meditate tool to peeling away the layers of a situation or inner person. This stone can also be used for protection.


Moldavite is a powerful stone created when a meteor struck the earth, the pressure and heat involved in the crash produced Moldavite. Moldavite is a high vibration stone specifically because it contains partly space energy. It’s a stone of connecting to the greater universe and it is quite expansive. It accelerates and brings about rapid change- do note that not everyone can handle this high vibration stone it is highly recommended that you ground after using this stone and probably it should not be worn for extended periods of time until you are certain how it affects you.


is a pale milky to clear translucent form of feldspar (labradorite is in this family), sometimes we find “rainbow moonstone” or “peach moonstone” all are very similar. This stone will help connect you to the cycles of the moon and should be charged in direct full moon light for several hours to a night, it is a powerful stone that will increase intuition and psychic abilities. This stone heals emotional wounds, and can aid in healing of feminine organs (breasts, uterus, and ovaries.) This stone also helps connect to the great divine feminine some may call Goddess, others The Virgin Mary, and some Our Lady of Guadalupe. This is a stone that works with the heart, throat, third eye and crown chakra.


Obsidian is another stone family that contains different types of crystals; these stones are protective & grounding:


This stone is another protective stone which works well with black tourmaline, black Kyanite & black onyx. This stone is also called Apache Tears, so beyond its normal usage of protection and ground it is also used for deep healing. This stone is a stone that helps someone who is grieving from a deep emotional loss either current or one in their past that they have not fully dealt with.


This beautiful red and black stone is a deep color that reminds me a lot of red bricks with black inclusions. As the other obsidians this stone is protective but protective of our place in the world, it gives us a safe place to release past experiences which we still hold on too. It helps remove blockages in our energetic body while shielding us from future experiences that may not be good for us. Use this stone when working with disorders of the circulatory system.


This stone is a lot like Labradorite, it looks like one thing a dull drab stone but when the light catches it a certain way you can see all sorts of flashes and sparkles. Rainbow obsidian reminds me a lot of oil slicks you see in a parking lot after it rains, yet of course without all the nasty side effects. This stone is uplifting bring a flash of color in the darkest of nights. Like its other obsidian brothers and sisters it protects and shields the wearer from harm.


Snowflake obsidian is a favorite of mine that I have used quite often. I instinctively used this stone several times to help clients gently accept the present and the coming future. This stone is peaceful like snow softly falling in the woods. Use this stone to find your inner Zen because it is a peaceful, calming, and centering stone.  

Onyx (black) -

this stone is another favorite stone that I have worn for protection, its energy is expansive.


is a pretty awesome stone; it gets its shine and colors from water trapped within the stone- it is a fragile mineral which can easily be damaged due to fast rapid temperature changes. Opal activates our upper chakras enhancing our intuition, psychic abilities, and connection to the cosmos. There are different colors and types of opals- there is Mexican fire opal & Australian Boulder Opal to name a few. Each opal has the same basic qualities yet each will affect certain areas depending on their base colors, for example Australian Boulder Opals tend to have a base of brown with streaks of opal running throughout, this stone would connect well to the sacral and root chakra’s ruling over how safe we feel in this world, protecting us, & our self worth.


this green stone is a like budding leaves in the spring. This stone helps one be protected from jealousy and envy. (Green with envy ring a bell?) This stone resonates well with the heart chakra and will help heal emotional issues, while helping function from a place that is NOT of the ego.  Because of this stones green color it will help align you well to the plant kingdom, if you are a gardener this stone may be useful to you in your quest to form strong bonds with your plants and trees. This stone also helps one bridge a communication gap with the plant and tree spirits again assisting the healer and witch.


Also known as the tempest stone. Naisha Ahsian the co author of “The Book of Stones: Who They Are & What They Teach” classifies some stones as being a part of the “storm element” and Pietersite is one of those amazing stones, Pietersite can bring about rapid change. Pietersite comes in various colors but it is usually seen in a swirling pattern looking quite similar to tiger eye, most stones that I have seen actually like swirling clouds during a thunderstorm. This stone works on your intuition and psychic abilities, helping foster rapid spiritual growth.

Prasiolite- (Green Amethyst)

I had never heard of green amethyst until recently, it’s a beautiful stone. Like Peridot it helps us connect with the plant kingdom, and I find it especially powerful since I believe amethyst to be a powerful stone. It’s a member of the quartz family; it helps us connect with the divine. It is connected to the heart chakra so it will help with heart healing and matters related to love and emotions.


A stone of accurate prophesy this stone is perfect for tarot readers, mediums, and psychics. This stone allows us to accurately interpret the messages we receive. This stone relates well to the air element and the water element. It is often found growing with Epidote. All in all if you are looking for a fantastic stone to jumpstart and increase your intuition and psychic abilities this is the stone for you.


I think most of us know pyrite also known as “Fools Gold”. Pyrite is a good stone again for protection it seems to just reflect negative vibrations. It is also used in prosperity work to building up prosperity in your life on all accounts not just the financial means. Pyrite is very heavy and can be used in healing by releasing stress in the body allowing one to full heal- it would be a great stone to use in conjunction with Reiki.


There are many different stones that fall into the quartz family.


Clear quartz is a popular stone; it is so popular because it can be programmed for any use. It can be used for healing, protecting, energizing, growing, etc. It is a stone of amplification which means that it will enhance whatever you program it with.


this stone is found in Tibet and has incredible protective qualities. On some levels though its vibration reminds me a lot of Herkimer Diamonds, it’s a stone of attunement. It also carries its quartz properties so it amplifies whatever you charge it with. I highly suggest this stone for those who are healers as it amplifies your energies while protecting you.


I love this stone, right now I cannot get enough of this powerful stone. This stone has inclusions of chlorite, hematite, and feldspar. Often times when the stone is cut properly the stone appears to have an inner landscape inside. This is the stone of shamanic journeying and is often called the “shaman’s dreaming stone.” Some say this stone is soft and best used for emotional release, calming and soothing- I would not necessarily agree with this; I find this a very powerful stone taking on the minerals that combine it- powerful quartz and its inclusions mentioned above. I find this stones energy to be direct yet the matters with which it rules; the subconscious psychic and intuitive parts of self are gentler in nature.


This stone is a new one to me; some say it’s just citrine but with less orange in it- others say it’s man made irradiated to make it a bright “lemon” color. Lemon Quartz has an energetic affiliation with the solar plexus chakra which rules our personality and our personal power. This stone is quite attuned to learning and can be used to help aid our absorption of information or ability to be able to write clearly. I have also found this stone enjoys the light playing through its various sides. Try crystal gazing into a piece and see if any secret information comes your way.


Rose quartz one of the most popular stones second to amethyst in the healers cabinet. This stone rules the heart chakra and is often used in healing matters related to the emotions (heartache, loneness, past emotional abuse). It’s also a great stone for those suffering from low self esteem.


This beautiful quartz contains golden hair like tendrils of rutile which is said to be beautiful angel hair captured in quartz. Rutilated quartz is an information bringer (think antenna here); it can be programmed for any task, to pick up information on any subject you desire. The idea behind this beautiful crystal is to go deep inside the crystal and see these giant golden tendrils of rutile and tell them what you want to know/gain information on. (Information loosely adapted from Robert Simmons as my memory remembers his words about Rutilated quartz) Rutilated quartz is also a fantastic protection stone deflecting and catching up anything negative that may come your way to transmute it to something more positive. However, this stone does need to be cleansed.


Smokey Quartz is quartz infused with natural earth radiation, for this it is good to be used in healing spells for those who need to have radiation treatments for whatever reason, great for those who work in fields where they are regularly exposed to radiation such as doctors, technicians, and nurses. However, beyond the healing this wonderful stone is one of the best at transmuting negative energy. It is highly suggested to have at least one smokey quartz designed to protect you. I have several pieces of smokey quartz jewelry for protection as well.


I love this stone, usually found as amethyst, or at least the stones that I have seen, though I have heard of it appearing in various other quartz colors. I love cactus quartz because it has a main apex the point at the top and then lots of little ones coming off the sides, it would be a great center piece for a healing crystal grid because the energy can be sent off in different directions. This stone also helps you feel connected to the greater universal consciousness.


clear quartz with hairs and clumps of black tourmaline running through it. This stone is powerful stone, and because its main body is quartz the black Tourmaline is amplified. This is a protection stone and a grounding stone. I have successfully used it to remove negative vibrations within myself and my environment. It reminds me of frozen black hairs in ice.


This beautiful pink and white stone is one of the best love stones besides Rose Quartz. This stone resonates deeply with the lower chakras; root, solar plexus, heart chakra’s. This stone will help you if you are going through a tough time and need some emotional support and love. This stone will also help you resonate at the frequency of love if that is what you are trying to do. This stone can help with healing of heart and circulatory issues.


Another beautiful pink stone very similar to Rhodochrosite but instead of lines and swirls of white this stone has “roads” of black going through it. This stone is very similar energetically to Rhodochrosite but it has an air of protection about it with the black lines running through it. This stone is not nearly as bright as Rhodochrosite either this stone can be a paler or more muted pink color with black lines and streaks. This stone helps to bring vitality and support to you. Physically this stone will also assist in a similar matter as the Rhodochrosite you can use this stone for heart but it can also be used for clearing issues.

Rhyolite (Rainforest Jasper) -

I love Rhyolite- Rhyolite is used to connect with the animal kingdom and our guides- do you have an animal that you wish you could communicate with? Rhyolite is the stone to work with for that. Rhyolite reminds me a lot of Ocean Jasper but its properties are more on a communication level. It also assists in protecting and keeping one “together” in the most challenging of circumstances. Rhyolite also assists in helping keep one healthy and fit.


Ah the ruby; when I think of love stones (romantic love- you know the passionate forever type love women dream about) Ruby is the one that pops into my mind! So for me ruby is all about love magick, relationships magick, and beauty magick. Low quality ruby is not too expensive for the average Joe and Jane. I have a small ruby ring in a rose setting that cost me about 25.00(USD).

Ruby in Fuchsite-

the first thing to remember with this dynamic combination is that fuchsite is a very fragile stone and will dissolve if you are not careful. This combination is the combination of Ruby and Fuchsite both of which I have talked about in detail above. Combined though their energies are boosted and become a dynamic powerhouse working on keeping you from “burning out” it helps you to be able to fall asleep when need be. Spiritually this stone can help aid one in talking to their spiritual guides.

Ruby in Zoisite-

Where Ruby in Fuchsite is a light green almost white, ruby in Zoisite is a darker green with black and red inclusions sometimes containing lighter parts. This stone works on being who YOU are; if you are looking to find yourself then this is the perfect stone to help you become the genuine you. This is also a more intellectual stone a lot like fluorite this stone will help you with intellectual pursuits. This stone helps relax the muscles and alleviate tension. It also helps reproductive issues in both men and women.


is the golden like strands found in Rutilated Quartz, but it also grows outside of quartz and can be used to heal and work with us on spiritual matters. Rutilated Quartz can be used like an antenna by picking up information that you want to know. Rutile is also an information bringer- it can heighten your intuition. If you are having problems with your throat this stone can be helpful in addition to aiding in cell regeneration.


There are several colors of sapphire including a stone called “star sapphire”, there is traditional blue sapphire which is something I am most familiar with but also a pink sapphire. Blue sapphire is used traditionally for easing depression and stress it can also be used for eye issues and blood imbalances. This stone is also wonderful with those who have sleeping disorders. Spiritually this stone is a stone of abundance and wisdom; this stone can help with astral travel and should be used for those who do not remember their dreams.


Selenite is a pale white stone when found in the nature state (un-polished) appears to be long fibrous pillars. Selenite is good for cleansing, clearing, and cutting cords. This is also a stone of communication, it’s credited for angelic communication- yet this is something I have not experienced myself. I need to state this though because I find this is something that is not given on the internet at all, this stone cannot be cleansed in traditional methods- because of this stones make up it will dissolve in water. Smudging (either with a cleansing incense or sage smoke) it is the best way to cleanse this stone.


I have a deep respect for septarian crystals and have seen them work their magick first hand. Traditionally a stone that formed by a rapid heating process and a sentiment lining the cracks that formed from the rapid heating process. Septarian helps one become confident in who they are and able to communicate what they desire to say. This stone instills patience, and helps one with emotional stability.


just as one may guess this stone is about connecting with the angelic realm very similar to angelite and Celestite. This stone is about connecting to our higher source the angelic realm and the devic realm- nature spirits. This stone physically is good for weight loss, and fighting off being sick.


this stone is called the healers stone (not to be confused with healers gold which is something else entirely) this stone can help keep you safe and protected but it has to be cleansed often. This stone can also help heal so it should be used in every healer’s chest of tricks, but remember it absorbs so it needs to be cleansed often and it should not be cleansed with salt and water. Smudging or crystal cleansing is best. This stone because of its green color can also be used to work with abundance and manifestation work.


When I think of the throat chakra I think of Sodalite I suppose that is because so many chakra sets come with Sodalite at the throat chakra. Sodalite helps to open and regulate the heart chakra; it is also a stone of guidance and intuition because of its work with the upper chakras. This stone can be used with issues relating to the throat and upper head; I have used this stone with success, for sore throats and speaking my truth when it was hard.


What a beautiful stone sunstone is an orangey color, sometimes with flashes of iridescent in it. I like to liken the sunstone to the sun card in the tarot- very similar energies. This is a stone about empowerment, vitality, and enthusiasm. We can use this stone in our healing for depression (definitely good for weather related depression), sore throats, and sexual issues.

Tigers Eye-

There are a several colors for of tigers eye each with their own unique properties;


This is a great protection stone and can be added to any protection work that you are doing for your house or person, this stone also helps with creativity and releasing past emotional issues that may be holding you back.


this stone aligns to the root chakra and has to do with how we view our place in the world, it assist us with confidence building, bringing energy and vitality into our lives. This particular color can also be used in heart work and blood related issues.


this stone aligns to the throat chakra and the third eye chakra influencing our ability to find our peace, speak our truth, and get the answers and knowledge we need for progression on our paths. This stone also helps us find clarity in our lives. Physically this stone cools an overactive sacral chakra and can bring down an overactive sex drive; it also helps us heal at a metabolic level.

Tigers Iron-

this is a mixture between tiger’s eye and hematite. This stone works on our blood and assimilation of iron in addition to bringing down stress and relieving cramps and muscle pains. This stone can be used to for grounding excess and un-useful energies in our lives, it helps us find creative ways around whatever may be troubling us at the current time or whatever situations we may have gotten ourselves into.


I have a lot of favorite stones out there, but tourmaline is a power stone for me an ally in my waking life and in my magick. Tourmaline's power is different for each color:


This is the ULTIMATE cleansing and protecting stone, If someone is bothering you Judy Hall suggests writing their name and birthday on a piece of paper and putting a black tourmaline on top, it will stop any psychic attack. This stone is great for putting a protective sphere around your house by burying a black tourmaline in each corner. You can also place 4 within the corners of your apartment or room- just be sure no animals or children can get them and eat them.  


ah blue tourmaline it’s a beautiful this stone is tranquil and calm and opens up the throat chakra, and the third eye chakra to bring about clear and concise messages. This stone also can be used in spell work for increasing psychic ability, speaking engagements, presentations.


As most color correspondences go this Rubellite tourmaline is great for matters of the heart, love and passion! YAY. It also attracts extra energy, and gives magick a boost!


Like Red this stone relates to matters of the heart but in a softer way, where red is in your face, pink can help attract lasting love and friendships. This is a great stone for all matter of relationship and self love issues.


draws money and success, use these in spells and workings that require a bit of financial boost. This stone also corresponds to the Heart chakra use this in crystal healing work on the heart chakra as it works in a similar way to pink tourmaline


works an awful lot like the back but it has a different energy. This stone is one of my favorite colors in tourmaline it relates to matters of security (such as financial, home life, physical, etc.) To me this stone is about growth on all accounts; place on or near plant seedlings, near a budding business's plans etc.


Turquoise is a very powerful stone, every time I see it I am left to think of Shamanism and Native American rituals. I suppose this association is because of where this beautiful stone is mined and some amazing tribes that live there. This is a stone of healing, deep healing; this is also another power stone, in that this stone picks the person not the other way around. If you are drawn to a particular piece of Turquoise then the stone may very well be calling out to you! This stone heals many things but I have found it to be especially healing to the throat area. One day I woke up to a particularly sore throat I also happen to be going out that night to a crystal store, I was drawn to a turquoise bracelet (with no real working knowledge of this stones attributes) and instead of going home and cleansing it- I gave the stones some quick reiki and put it on my wrist. I woke up in the middle of the night and my throat was 100% better. However, this stone does more than just work with the throat chakra; it aligns and balances all chakras. It’s truly an amazing stone.


I have to admit this is not one of my favorite stones, but one that has helped when I needed it. This is a pink/salmon and green stone that works on releasing the past such as emotions, experiences, memories, and pain. This stone also helps with balance and can assist one in finding their guide. I have also heard this stone is good for pregnant woman and removing electromagnetic pollution.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

This week Amanda e-mailed me and asked about love magick. Amanda wants to know:

The guy I have been seeing on and off for the last three years still can't make a commitment to me; i want to cast a love spell to take it to the next level. Any advice?

Hi Amanda, I am sorry that the guy you have been seeing for so long can't come to terms with himself in your life. Love magick is a tricky subject, most blogging witches do say that you should never cast a spell to make another person love you.

While in some cases I agree with that; especially with someone who is going after a mate that doesn't really give them the time of day. With your situation, however, if you have been seeing someone on and off it doesn't really seem that you need a "love spell" it seems more that you need a commitment spell. Generally speaking guys don't stick around for that long unless there are some deeper feelings involved. Especially if you guys hang out all the time.

So I see that you have several choices here; while this blog isn't about spell creation as I offer Spell Consultations. I can give you some correspondences to help you along your path and if you need more information you can book your spell consultation with me and we can write your spell together.


Correspondences for Commitment Magick:

  • Ivy vines
  • Adam and Eve root
  • Crowfoot plant
  • Holly Leaves
  • Diopside crystal
  • Tigers eye crystal
  • Rhodocrocite
  • Red
  • Pink
  • Green
  • Friday
  • Hour of Venus
  • Two of cups
  • Four of wands
  • Lovers

These are just a few correspondences that foster commitment in relationships. I hope this helps you come up with some ideas on how to take your relationship to the next level.

If you are worried about your mans free will, as you probably should be if you are truly in love with him, you should do this spell to his higher self so that they can work with your higher self, you may find yourself ok with how the relationship is after this spell. Magick works in mysterious ways and oftentimes the real magick occurs within us before it ripples out into the world around us.

I do Spell Consultations for those interested in creating magick but are unsure how to go about it. You can book your consultation:



Saturday, October 14, 2017

I thought i'd continue the theme of witch books from last weeks video peak of my magickal library and share my top 5 must have witch books!

1. Llewellyn's Complete Book of Correspondences

This book is truly a must have for any witch; one of the cornerstones to witchcraft is magick & spells and spells are created with correspondences. I have had quite a few books on correspondences over the years including Lexa Rosean's The Encyclopedia of Magickal Ingredients: A Wiccan Guide to Spellcasting, which is great but it lacks a certain amount of vital information. This book goes over more than just herbs & crystals. This book goes over colors, astrological timing, Gods & Goddess, animals and more!

2. Craft of The Wild Witch- by Poppy Palin

Though more wicca oriented this book really gets to the heart of wild witchery, something I am absolutely bonkers about. This book goes over the wheel of the year; or the solar and lunar calendar, psychic protection, the elements and more. I truly liked Poppy's outlook on magick.

3. Traditional Witchcraft for The Seashore by Melusine Draco

This book goes over something that is my true love; ocean and sea magick. I am a sea witch through and through; and I thought this book was amazing! There aren't a lot of good books that go over sea magick & this book was a great resource. So if you are interested in connecting to the great oceans I highly suggest this book!

4. Power Of The Witch by Laurie Cabot

This book is one of my all time favorite witch books because it goes over not only the mystical and fun side of magick but also the science as well; another great book on the science of magick (a little dry but a good read nonetheless is: The Science of The Craft) . Of course this isn't a true witchcraft book; there is a wicca veil over it but magick is magick and I got some great things from it including the crystal countdown.

5. Soul Retrieval by Sandra Ingerman

Though not a book on witchcraft; I think this book is vital to an understanding of the unseen worlds and can take anyone's witchcraft practice to a whole new level and help provide a deeper understanding of the work we do between the worlds. Witchcraft at it's true core is shamanism, and I think this book is vital to understanding how a Witch can work with unseen helpers to create positive change and soul healing for themselves and the world around them.

This book is also VITAL to my shamanic practice. It's a wonderful book that i think anyone who works with energy and soul healing should read.

Do you have a favorite witchcraft book? A book that has really spoken to you on your journey i'd love to hear about it; it's possible I haven't read it yet! Comment below.