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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Hag Stones History & Lore

Hag Stones
(Witch Stones)
“To find a stone with a hole in it is a special sign of the favour of {The Goddess} Diana”
— Charles Godfrey Leland Author of Aradia Gospel of the Witches

Natural Hag Stone

Hag stones have occupied myth and magick for centuries, used by common people and magickal minded people, but what are Hag Stones? How can they be used today? Hag stones are stones that have a naturally occurring hole inside them. These stones are often found along the coastal points, beaches, and streams. These holes occur from the elements beating down upon them over many years, though there are speculations that these mysterious stones may have been formed by a “worm hole”. A Hag stone also known as a Witch Stone or Holey Stones and quite a bit of lore and many magickal properties associated with them. In this brief article I will discuss the Hag Stone it’s magickal uses as well as some beliefs in their powers from the past.

History & Lore

A hag stone has been used by witches for centuries in their spell craft and rituals; it has also been used against witches by common folk to counteract the witch’s magick. A Hag Stone knot, a cord containing multiple hag stones, hangs in The Natural History Museum in London which is believed to have been created around the 1800’s- 1900’s. Many country people used these stones to protect their animals from bewitchment or being ridden to the Sabbath by witches- a stone would be suspended by a cord in the stable to protect the horses and other live stock. These stones are used not only by country folk but also fisherman and sailors who find them on the beaches and tie them too their boats to keep off evil spirits and witches from affecting their ships and their catch. It was believed that a boat that did not come home with a good catch was being affected by evil spirits and witches, a hag stone or holey stone could prevent this from occurring. So hag stones were frequently found on boats, there is also mention of them being used to to control bad winds that would otherwise affect a ship that relied on wind for its “power”.

It is also believed that if you close one eye and peer through the hole of the hag stone that you can see the faerie world and see elemental beings and spirits. The suspension of a hag stone from a cord around the bed post was believed to prevent night terrors associated with hags or witches afflicting the individual with her magickal powers or “riding” them. It considered extremely lucky to find a hag stone when you are out and about on a walk and even luckier if you have not set out intentionally to find one and just stumble upon it. It is these stones that you are to keep and use in your craft. These stones have been used for protection and fertility throughout the ages and to use them in our modern magick connects us deeply to our ancestors, our pagan and natural roots as Witches or practitioners of folk beliefs.

There are several locations around the world which Hag Stones are said to be easily found. As I stated above the best spots are on beaches and coastal areas where the ocean has worn away these magnificent stones to form gifts from the elements. I have personally found hag stones on the beaches of Florida, they are also rumored to be a large amount of hag stones on the beaches of Sussex in the UK. It is possible but less likely to find them in streams or creeks inland. So next time you are walking on the beach or near a stream keep your eyes open for these powerful stones.

Magickal Associations

Due to the main source of these magickal charms being found on the beach side their magickal associations are linked to the element of water. However, we have to look beyond just the element of water to realize that a true stone takes all elements to form and even more so the hag stone. Taking in account where the stone was obtained from can tell a witch a lot about the properties the stone may poses.

The Ocean: These stones can be used for new beginnings, connection to the Goddess, cleansing, fertility, and protection.

In-land: These stones can be used for connection to the faerie realm & psychic vision and fertility.

Element: Water/ All Elements

Planet: Moon

Season: Fall

Uses in Magick: Protection, Fertility, psychic vision, connection to the Goddess, protection from the evil eye, & new beginnings.

Sabbat: Ostara & Samhain {Also known as Easter & Halloween}

Most of time when hag stones are employed for protective reasons they are found strung on a red cord near an area that needs protection such as the home, stable, boat, or bedside. However, in modern days these stones can be hung in the office, car, in the purse when flying or traveling. If you find multiple hag stones than using them in a hag stone cord is useful as well; there is mention to this old form of magick being used above. This cord can be tied near the front door to keep out negative and baneful spirits from entering your house.

Hag stones can also be used as a portal; this door way can be used to invite certain positive energies into your life or dismiss baneful influences from affecting your everyday reality. Though one should take great care when opening a portal either way. All that is needed is the proper mindset for using these stones in your magick.

These stones have also been used for healing work, one example I saw was to use a Hag Stone and rub it on the afflicted person’s body to cleanse the illness away. This use in magick goes a long with the idea that water is cleansing, however, I would recommend cleansing the stone after a healing session in a salt water bath (using natural sea salt if possible) then letting the stone air dry outside in the sun or moon, depending on the energies you are employing, to “re-charge” it.

A Psychic Vision Spell

This spell is also meant to act as a lasting psychic vision spell; this is not a one-time deal. However, after sometime our link to our stone may need to be refreshed and the spell may need to be recast!

Items Needed:

  • Purple Candle
  • Matches
  • Hag Stone
  • Psychic opening Incense *you can substitute your favorite incense*
  • Elemental representations

Timing: For this spell it is best to be completed on a Monday in the waxing moon face or on a full moon.

The Actions: In this spell a circle is not necessary unless you feel you may need some extra protection.

Light the candle while saying these or similar words:

Candle burning bright
Aid me in the second sight
Light my way to clear seeing
The things that may come into being
Light your psychic opening incense, breathe deeply in the aroma and let it infuse your being.

Hold your Hag Stone and start to bless it by the elements.

Sprinkle a few grains of salt or dirt on the stone (or lay your stone on the earth representation):

“I cleanse this stone with the power of earth”
Pass the stone through the incense smoke (or fan air over the stone):

“I cleanse this stone with the power of air”
Pass the stone over the candle flames:

“I cleanse this stone with the power of fire”
Sprinkle a few droplets of water on the stone (or place the stone on the elemental representation of water):

“I cleanse this stone with the power of water”
Hold the stone up to your representation of spirit:

“I ask the divine to cleanse this stone”
It is now time to charge and bless the stone with the elements and spirit.

Put the stone on the earth representation hold your hands over the stone and say:

“Element of Earth lend your powers to this sacred stone charge this stone to aid me in psychic ability”
Pass the stone through the incense smoke (or fan air over the stone) say:

“Element of air lend your powers to this sacred stone charge this stone to aid me in psychic ability”
Pass the stone over the candle flames (or the candle over the stone) sand say:

“Element of Fire lend your powers to this sacred stone charge this stone to aid me in psychic ability”
Sprinkle a few droplets of water on the stone (or place on your water representation) saying:

“Element of Water lend your powers to this sacred stone charge this stone to aid me in psychic ability”
Hold the stone in your hand and speak:

“This stone has been cleansed and charged by the elements”
Put the stone on the representation of spirit, and speak:

“I call on the divine spirit to bless this stone to aid me in my psychic abilities.”
Pass the stone over through the candle flame and incense again. Let everything burn out then place the stone within your pocket or keep it with your divination tools.

This is just one example of a spell that can be used with Hag Stones. There are many more ways one could use a hag stone in their magick. I am a big supporter of using your imagination, along with some history and common sense towards crafting your own spells and potions.


Though most of the information above is in my own words here are some of the places I found some information from:

  • Craft of the Wise, Vikki Bramshaw: retrieved on 2/08/12.
  • Dunwich’s Guide to Gemstone Sorcery, by Gerina Dunwich retrieved on 2/8/12.
  • Dark Dorset: Hag Stones retrieved on 2/8/12.

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