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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Tarot Spread- Find out if you've Been Cursed 

I am going to precursor this blog post by saying:
YES you can be cursed, people do it ALL the time!

In fact I did it today; I was driving down the road, it's a 45 mph road and this person was insistent on going 25 mph. I beeped, i pointed at the speed limit signs. They didn't have their hazard lights on so there wasn't a problem with their vehicle they just decided that they wanted to go 25. So i cursed them that they would be a beacon to every cop and eventually get a ticket for their reckless driving. *yeah going too slow IS reckless & you can get a ticket for it!*

Probably road rage is the biggest curse out there, we almost all have road rage; it's close to impossible not to let someone doing something stupid get to you. We use bad words, give the middle finger, sometimes we even slam on the brakes or speed up. All that is bad energy we are sending off to the person who is being an idiot and that my friends is the definition of curse!

A lot of people who come to me don't think of curses like the one i described above. They think of black candles, voodoo dolls, hexes, etc. Sure they exist too. Any quick google search of real witchcraft curses will prove that the information is out there and people do use it, oftentimes without thinking and without proper training.

I have been cursed a couple times, it comes with the territory of being a public witch, though this website and The Witching Way, is relatively new. I have been "out of the broom" closet socially for years. I've moderated facebook groups, had several popular witchy websites (the Witches Nitch, It's a Witch's Life, etc.) I have made friends with witches online and some of those friendships didn't end well.

About 5 or 6 years ago I was going through a particularly rough patch nothing I did worked out, I was really depressed, my money was going away faster than it came in, i had a ton of bad luck etc. I did a google search and I found a blog post by Rowan Pendragon (now out of her broom closet as Jess Carlson, if that's her real name i'll never know but that's what she's blogging under now) in this blog post she talks about curses and offers a tarot spread to find out if you've been cursed.

I have used this spread several times for myself and my clients***(please read the addendum to client readings and curses at the end of this blog post) I always found it to be really effective so I am going to share it with you.
Find out If You've Been Cursed- Tarot Spread

Ok you're going to need a traditional tarot deck for this spread, you need the magician card.

Take out the Magician card and set it aside, shuffle the deck, without looking at the cards pull out four more additional cards face down. Slide in the magician card into that small pile and shuffle the best you can without looking at the cards. Draw the cards, if the magician card comes out in the first three cards you have an active curse on you. If the card comes out the last two cards, its not likely that there is a curse against you.

If you have been cursed:

If the cards indicate that you have been cursed read the cards; what themes are present it is mainly cups? Then it's an emotional curse, it is wands perhaps you're lacking personal motivation and feeling depressed, is it pentacles? Then money may be the energy of the curse. Swords would indicate obsessive thoughts, fears, paranoia etc. Majors would be to change your destiny or to really effect you on a deep spiritual level. If the cards are a wide variety of suits then theres a lot of energy at play.

Here's How I have Broken Curses:

  • Burn a black candle everyday starting right away for three weeks, let the candle burn for three hours a day. It takes dedication and time for this type of spell. Remove ALL remains of this working off your property! 
  • Take a bath everyday for three weeks include salt into the bath water. Pull the plug from the bath and let it drain, hop right into the shower and wash yourself clean, air dry. 
  • If you know who has done the spell against you make a mirror box (do not let the mirrors catch your reflection) and place their name on a piece of paper inside. Intend that they can no longer harm you as any energy they send to you will be reflected back on them. 
  • Write down the situation on a piece of paper and destroy the paper take the remains far off your property, a crossroads would do nicely, leave the remains there and ask Hekate to destroy the spells power, turn your back and do not look back no matter what you hear or sense. 

What to do if the cards say NO:

Sometimes bad luck is just that like the wheel of fortune card in the tarot sometimes our luck changes and we have a string of bad luck. Also sometimes we are hurting ourselves and projecting that on others. If the cards say no it's time to do some inner work on yourself, are you doing everything you can do, honestly now, to turn your life around? Are you setting yourself up?

If you truly 100% believe you've been cursed and the cards say no you can repeat the spread in a week or you can take cleansing baths; i do not recommend any other magickal workings until it's 100% confirmed that someone has sent some bad energy towards you. Work on yourself first then when it's confirmed you can work on others projections towards you.

I hope this has helped and given some advice on how to find out if you've been cursed.

Click to learn more about my Shamanic Healing Service where we can look at curses and give you ways to remove them yourself. 


Manifesting is a hot topic right now. There are tons of courses, blogs, videos, and books written on manifesting each one shares a different technique or way to manifest what you want into being.

I think that's one of my favorite things about being a witch is that I already have some kick ass manifesting techniques in my tool belt!

So what is my secret to manifesting?


Yes Reiki! Maybe some of my readers aren't familiar with Reiki so let me tell you a bit about it. Reiki is a an energy healing technique. Reiki stands for universal life force energy, a practitioner becomes attuned through a special ceremony and the opening of certain chakra's and Reiki flows through that person to what they are trying to heal. However, I have found that it is more than just a healing technique and Reiki can be given to anything!

How I Manifest:

I think of what it is that i'm trying to manifest and simplify it as much as possible; if i am short on cash I need an extra 100$ i'll write down:

Then I add in some witchy stuff; maybe a green crystal like jade which is all about prosperity and luck and some money drawing herbs like basil or grass (it grows abundantly!) Then i'll take a green candle and place that in a candle stick or in a fire safe dish like my cauldron. I'll place that on-top of my written goal and put the crystal on the side of the cauldron or the candle stick and sprinkle the herbs around the stone on the paper.

I do charge each item before I begin with Reiki; the candle, the stone, the paper, the herbs. I light the candle and possibly say my intention in a small spell verse like:
Fire burns, money flows
troubles end, prosperity grows

I like something small and easy to remember so i can chant it without having to look at a paper. As I am working the spell I flow reiki as well; because I am a Reiki Master Teacher I use symbols as well:
  • Cho Ku Rei- for added power 
  • Sei He Ki- to remove any mental blocks i have to achieving my goal this could be self-worth, or something else entirely that I am not aware. 
  • Di Ko Mio- adding in the spiritual energy that the master symbol brings in as well bringing my mind, body, and spirit into alignment for my goal. Technically I could have just used this symbol but i have found that using each symbol separately helps my mind really tap into the magic that is reiki! 

Once the spell is complete i'll gather up the items into a bag if it's something I want to keep around and either keep it in a safe place or carry it with me. If it's something i'm trying to get rid of i'll bag up the items and take them far away from my house and drive away without looking back. Many public areas have trash can's outside i utilize one of them as long as the spell parts can't look awfully suspicious or be misinterpreted as threatening to others.
  • Decide your intent
  • Write it down (3,6,9 or more times for added power)
  • Decide if you're going to add in special ingredients for added power.
  • Flow Reiki to all the ingredients or just the paper using the symbols that you're attuned too or just reiki if you are a level 1 practitioner! 
  • If you are doing a spell start the spell & flow reiki to the spell in progress. 
  • Decide what to do with the remains:
  • Keep things that you're trying to draw to you
  • get rid of things that you are cleansing or remove from your life.
  • Flow Reiki one more time and then move forward in your life. 

Reiki works in mysterious ways, and it's helped me very much to remember:
Reiki can not harm; it's energy isn't built for harming so if your spell is more on the darker or grayer side forgo Reiki during the spell process and give yourself Reiki afterwards to cleanse yourself.

Are you curious about Reiki?

Download this free Reiki pamphlet to learn more about Reiki Energy. 

I hope this post has helped you! I'd love to hear your thoughts of manifesting with Reiki in the comments below!

Today, I do not share a spell, but rather some information on successful spell casting. Though I refer to Witches in the feminine sense, I am not excluding males. Here are some bullet idea’s to further build upon creating successful spells to manifest you desires and wishes.
  • Your “will” is the most important tool. If you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that your magick will succeed then you’re on your way to successful spell casting.
  • Tools and hard to find ingredients are just pluses as I mentioned in key one the will of the witch makes the magick. A real witch needs nothing more than a desire and strong emotions to create powerful changes in her life.
  • Some spells will need to be re-enforced over a period of time. These include spells for big items such as a house, car, new job, raise, spells that influence other people, etc. Repetition….
  • All spells bend reality, but reality is much more fluid than we give it credit, think of the matrix- if you have not seen the movie do yourself a favor and rent it. However, remember that while on earth there are some things that can not change- you will always remain physically a human (mentally & spiritually you are free to explore other “bodies and realities” look into shape-shifting and shamanic journeying), you are bound to the laws of physics- no flying……, all manner of beasts and creatures exist, on this physical plane however, they do not- Look into shamanic “worlds” understand that the worlds do co-exist and just like the matrix sometimes they overlap and things get a bit screwy. ((mermaids, faeries, elementals, ghosts, warewolves, vampires, etc….))
  • The most powerful witch for a personal need or problem is not someone else with a higher degree or more knowledge! You are the expert! Your emotions and “will” fuels each spell you cast, if you aren’t into your magick, chances are it will NOT manifest. Another witch, has a chance but the best chance for success comes from your need and desire.
  • A real Witch never stops learning, never stops trying to improve her craft, but she doesn’t let her inexperience stop her from trying- just like learning to walk or ride a bike or write, practice makes perfect, and sometimes we have to stumble and fall before we can be a master.

“Real Witches are spiritual athletes they may stumble and fall but the true witches get right up brush off the dirt and get right back to try again.”— Katie McBrien

When your magick fails, sit back and do some journal work look at the time and phase of the moon, your frame of mind, your emotions- did you not get emotional about your need? If not you are missing a key to success! After reflection- rework your spell on paper- look at the moon, the day, the hour, the tide (if your a Sea Witch), and when the time is right re-work your spell(s). Most of the time a blockage exists within us or we are impatient.
When crafting spells, some require you to be real specific about the time frame, if you need 100$ by the end of the month be sure to state that otherwise you 100$ may come after your need has passed. You can always write down what you need and when you need it on a piece of paper and burn it or keep it on you.


Just because the high priestess of the coven of avalon (or whatever) wrote the spell does not mean it’s going to work for you, a real witch adapts to their needs- always.

I hope these little thoughts help you to master the art of spell casting. Look forward to more spells coming soon!

©Katie McBrien 2014- no part of this article can be re-printed or shared without the authors permission or credit given. Sharing is acceptable when credit is given and a link back to my website

My Grounding Story

Let me tell you a little bit about myself; I am:

  • Empathic- I feel the emotions of others.
  • Medium- I sense spirits around me.
  • Psychic- I see, feel, and know things either from being around the strong energy of others or by being close to them.
  • Gemini- as a gemini I am an air sign which means that I spent a lot of time in my head and not grounded in reality, its true.

As being a sensitive I feel things, see things, and know things that sometimes are too much for me and leave me feeling:

  • Tired
  • Drained
  • Emotional
  • Angry
  • Upset
  • Overwhelmed

After studying for many years the benefits of different energy healing modalities such as: chakra work, Reiki, manifestation, etc. I learned that in order to be at my prime I have to ground. ​

Benefits of Grounding 

Grounding is the process where you connect to the earth and exchange energy. The energy you give the earth is anything that no longer serves your highest good. ​This could be:

  • Overwhelm
  • Sadness 
  • Excessive energy or jitters
  • Others emotions

What we get when we do a grounding meditation varies to our needs it can be:

  • Release of that which no longer serves us; freeing us to be in ourselves.
  • Energy when we are depleted
  • Peace
  • Relaxation

A Free Grounding Meditation

I have been using this meditation for years and it has brought me so much peace and helped me through troubling times. I want to gift it to you for free. It can be downloaded and listened on your iPhone, computer, tablet, etc.

Lets Connect!

I'd love to hear what you think of this grounding meditation in the comments below! I'd also love to connect with you!