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Monday, September 18, 2017

The Elements In Magick

The elements play a major role in the path of the witch; the elements not only relate to the magick we cast, but also within the witch herself (I say herself but a witch can be a male). Each element rules over different aspects of ourselves. Earth is our body our physical selves, how stable and grounded we are. Air is our minds how quick we think on our feet; how we see the world around us. Water is our emotions it influences our spiritual connection to others. Fire is our inner drive; it that spark our inner passion that drives us forward to make our mark on the world.

What i've done here is shared different types of spells that can be done with each element along with the spell vehicles, or what our main way of casting a spell could be with each element.

Water Spells:

In these spells, with the main focus being that of water, we may take a bath or do washing where we cleanse our house. Maybe we will float a secret message in a bottle or on a leaf down a river or stream. These can also be spells where we go to the ocean or river and send our magickal intention out that way. These spells can be slow but more on the emotional side.

Type of spells: Love, Cleansing, Friendships/Relationships, Banishing, letting go, breaking bad habits, saying goodbye ect.

Vehicles for Water Spells: Cauldron *to hold water or potion*, Bathtub, sink, ocean, stream, river, pond, puddle, mop bucket, water bottle, water jug, potion bottle, ect.

Earth Spells:

Earth spells are great for dealing with the mundane issues in life such as the home life, and all things related as such. What does this planet earth mean to you? What areas of influence do you think these spells encompass? These types of spells are slow but lasting.

Type of Spells: home life, security, gaining employment, financial security, money matters, protection, grounding energies, marriage & settling down.

Vehicles for Earth Spells: Planting in a potted plant, planting under a tree, asking for a trees magickal assistance, using earth from various locations, planting a spell for a short period of time and then digging it up, doing cemetery magick, caves.

Air Spells:

These spells are extra interesting because Air deals with things that are unseen. These spells are great for a fast action, Air deals with the mind and the intellect and can be used to add extra oomph into our workings.

Types Of Spells: inspiration, knowledge, communication, our mind, the mind of others, persuasion, speech, learning, reading, teaching, paranormal/ghost apparitions or sightings.

Vehicles for Air Spells: Mountain tops, incense, windy days, cliff tops, tall trees, flags, wind chimes, windsocks, your hand sticking out of a moving vehicle, tall buildings, airplanes, airports, feathers, seed pods (dandelions!!).

Fire Spells:

Fire is the ultimate element to use for spells that need to have an extra umph of energy fast. These spells tend to be the ones to manifest the fastest but each spell has it’s own internal time line for manifestation. These spells are hot n spicy, and leave you in awe at the end. It is no wonder that most beginners use candle magick in the beginning.

Types of Spells: passion, sex, change (fast and rapid), extra energy, cooking / hearth work, destroying negativity, destroying evil.

Vehicles for Fire Spells: Candles, incense, ovens, stove tops, volcanos, grills, fire pits, lighters, cigarettes, cigars, pipes, cauldrons (to burn things inside).

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Video- Empathy Vs Psychic Empathy

Learn the difference between empathy & psychic empathy. I also go in great detail how I deal with psychic empathy using grounding, crystals & which i recommend, and what to do once you're overwhelmed.

To purchase crystals:

Saturday, September 09, 2017

A Charm for rain

I know many witches who will not work weather magick and say that it's bad; but they are the first to go out and try to stop major storms. Weather magick has been worked for centuries by shamans, medicine women, and witches. If you need some rain i suggest trying this charm.

A little additional information about this charm: We are one of the only properties in our area that still has a well, rain is imperative to our water level during hot summer days, I created this charm this in 2011 to break a very hot summer streak with no rain with great success it took several days for rain to come but when it did it rained plenty! It is also a good idea to dismantle this bag after the amount of rain has come that you desire or you could continue to call rain to you causing a different type of problem!

Items needed:

  • dried fern ground up into little pieces
  • brecciated jasper
  • Rice
  • A charm bag
  • self lighting charcoal
  • A fire proof dish to place lit charcoal in
  • match/lighter
  • This charm is meant to be completed outdoors, traditionally fern burnt inside brings protection, outside brings rain.


Gather ingredients listed above, light charcoal and place some fern on the charcoal. Take your charm bag and place some rice in the bag, hold the crystal and visualize the parched earth broken and cracked with large storm clouds over head, see the rain falling upon the earth, place the crystal into the bag with the rice. Hold the charm bag in your hands while passing through the burning fern smoke. Fern burnt outside brings rain, the rice because it needs large amounts of water to grow longs for moisture again, and brecciated jasper is a great stone for weather magick. Visualize the rain clouds forming and thunder booming*note I never visualize lightning because I do not desire anything on my property hit by lightning* as you continue to pass the bag through the smoke; you can create a chant to go a long with this creation of the rain charm, I usually state at least the amount of rain i desire. I take some of the dried fern ashes and add them to the charm bag (be sure nothing is still burning- you can use a spoon to scoop them off the charcoal into the bag) then pass it through the smoke one more time and tie the bag up. This charm should remain outside near your house.

Monday, September 04, 2017

Color In Magick

The colors play an important role in magick and spellcraft too. Colors have been scientifically proven to change our mood and influence our lives. Colors can be used in: altar cloths, candles, mojo bags, poppets, our clothes, etc.

Red: passion, lust, energy, vigor.
Pink: love, friendship, soul-mate relationships, healing.
Yellow: happiness, optimism, luck, energy.
Orange: road opening, energy, fall/mabon/samhain.
Green: fertility, abundance, goddess energy, the green man, element of earth, the empress (tarot) money.
Blue: the mind, study, healing, element of water, element of air, dreams, wisdom.
Purple: royalty, psychic ability, divination, connection to the God/ddes.
Black: banishing, clearing, hexing/cursing, shadow work, samhain.
White: all purpose color works for all intentions, peace, purity, brings energy to anything.
Silver: Goddess work, astral work, intuition, priestess work, High Priestess(tarot), represents Goddess on the Altar.
Gold: God work, abundance, harvest, Sun Card (tarot), happiness, riches, fortune, represents the God on the altar.