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Saturday, January 07, 2017

A Charm Bag For Love Spell

Items needed:

  • A square of red/pink cloth (or a pre-made mojo bag)
  • A piece of Pink or red ribbon or yarn
  • Basil
  • Rose petals (pink or red being best)
  • rose quartz
  • Rhrodocrosonite
  • a piece of paper with the words “Love come to me” written upon it- preferably in pink or red ink.
  • pink or red candle
  • a pin or inscribing tool
  • a oil appropriate to the working of love-such as; rose oil, come to me oil, love me oil, basil oil.

Gather your ingredients; lay out the piece of fabric in the center of your working space. Take the candle and carve upon it your desire for love, write down anything you find to be important. Anoint the candle with the oil stroking the candle towards the wick while thinking of drawing your love to you. Light the candle with these words:

I call across land and sea
For my true love to come to me
Pick up the herbs you are using and hold them in your hand. Visualize a special love coming into your life. Repeat the phrase above

I call across land and sea
For my true love to come to me

Next pick up the crystals you are using and connect with their helper spirit. Tell the spirit what you wish to accomplish. Place your stones on the fabric while repeating:

I call across land and sea
For my true love to come to me
Take the piece of paper written upon it the words “Love come to me” Take your candle and drip wax around those words in the shape of a heart. Hold the paper in your hands after the wax has cooled and speak to it your desires breath upon it the very breath of your goal. Take the oil and anoint around the inside border of the wax heart. Fold the paper towards you in a multiple of three (3,6,9, or12…).

Allow the candle to burn out completely and take the fabric and form a bag (or add the ingredients inside the pre-made bag) being sure to add in any cooled (unlit) candle remains. Take your yarn or ribbon and tie it around the bundle in a multiple of three (let spirit move you to which number) while reciting these words:
This charm is made the spell is cast
Bring me my lover and bring (him/her) fast!
Then place the bag under your pillow at night and in your pocket or purse during the day, feel it often imaging your love coming to you!

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