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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Numerology- The Magick of Numbers!

When we do magick sometimes we have to do something more than once to get our goal to manifest faster. When we work with numbers we can really take our magick to the next level. We can use these numbers by: how many candles to use in a spell, how many times to do a spell, how many herbs/crystals/tools to use, how many days to do a spell, etc.

  1. One- is the number of beginnings, it's potent and carries a big punch but it's often not enough to bring about our desires, it's good when we want to begin something but don't know where we want to go 100% yet. Action, beginnings, business, courage, independence, inspiration, power.
  2. Two-  two is the number of partnership. balance, empathy, friendship, increase, intuition, love, romance, support.
  3. ThreeAction, ambition, beauty, connections, cycles, healing, love, magick, manifestation, motivation, protection, success.
  4. Fourattraction, business, community, desire, justice, patience, power, stability.
  5. Five-desire, energy, freedom from fear, opportunities, passion, power, senses, spirits, spirituality, travel.
  6. SixHappiness, harmony, family, friendship, the home, lucky, money, sympathy. 
  7. SevenBusiness, changes, clairvoyance, faith, Goddess, healing, intelligence, money, optimism, problems, secrets, success, truth, wisdom. 
  8. Eight-Fertility, increase, justice, karma, order, patience, pride, well-being. 
  9. NineCourage, power, learning, loss, the mind, protection, wisdom. 
  10. TenAccomplishment, finalization, cycles, marriage, unity.

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