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Saturday, August 19, 2017

Peace of Mind Spell

Peace of Mind Spell

Use this spell when worries and anxieties begin to get to you.

Items Needed:

  • A Black Stone
  • A Clear Quartz

Timing: Whenever, but best in the morning hours or before you set off on your day.

Holding the black stone in your hand begin to tell it your worries and anxieties either out loud or in your head. When you can think of no more say these or similar words:

Black sucks the bad inside
Taking it away and making it subside
What was troubling me is gone from me
As I will it so mote it be!
When you are ready place the black stone down and pick up the clear quartz, begin to think of positive things, solutions to your worries and anxieties, when you are ready you can say these or similar words:

Clear quartz empowers my soul
Making me happy, confidence, and whole
I can quickly do whatever needs to get done
Leaving me time to have some fun
Pocket the quartz crystal and go about your day. Be empowered!

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