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Sunday, October 01, 2017

Do I Always Need To Cast A Circle For Spells

This week's submission Question comes from; Dragonfly (they asked to be called this) asks:

I have been reading up on witchcraft for quite sometime and some books say to always cast a circle for spells and rituals, and others do not. Do I always need to cast a circle before doing any kind of magick or ritual?

This is a great question, I tend to do things a little differently than others. I think the most important thing is to trust your inner guidance. I've compiled a small list of spells and rituals that I think need circles:

  • banishing
  • hexing
  • cursing
  • binding
  • protection
  • clearing energies
  • deep healing
  • love magick

I say these workings because when we are doing big spells or spells that may invite lower energies we want to be protected.

A Circle is a container for our raised energy to grow until we send it off into the universe, it's also a protective space to do work that is serious.
So if you are doing a serious spell like a banishing or love magick; yes I would cast a circle. If you are doing a general well being spell when you feel fine but are just adding an extra oomph to your step that no I do not think a spell is necessary.

Remember though that the path of the witch should be practical, if you are walking down the street and feel uncomfortable and want to cast a quick protection spell using a kick-ass protection chant; then no don't cast a circle, that would be to much. If you are at home and working with candles, herbs, crystals, the whole nine yards and you could just as easily cast a circle as not; I say why not- couldn't hurt!

I hope this helps!

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