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Saturday, December 17, 2016

Basics of Ocean Magick

What are the basics of Ocean Magick? What makes someone a Sea Witch? These are some questions I got when I first came out as a Sea witch or Sea Shaman. My answer is long and complex. Some of us are more aligned with one element more than the other. For me it's always been the element of water. I have always had a special bond with the ocean, spending a great deal of my childhood at the waters edge I have come to appreciate the magick that resides here.

So What is Ocean Magick?

Ocean magick is the act of doing natural Magick that focuses on the ocean, tides, animals, & the element of water to create positive change in the world at large & that of the practitioner.

The ocean is a liminal place, between the elements of earth & water, liminal places have always had a special place in the world of the witch.

As a a witch that works with the ocean she/he aligns with the tides of the ocean closest to her, or the mighty rivers, because after-all all water is connected. The tides rise and fall with alignment to the earths gravitational pull, the moon, & the weather. The tides like the moon cycle bring or take away energy, each month we are given a chance to work increasing and decreasing magick in alignment with the Moon, but the ocean or sea witch has several times a day to work increasing and decreasing magick in conjunction with the tides closest to her.
She taps into the that tidal energy, just as any other witch would with the cycles of the moon. She connects deeply with the creatures and animals that inhabit the shallows & the deep dark hidden places we have left to discover.

Basics of Ocean Magick

So how does an aspiring sea witch practice Ocean Magick? Really it's quite simple let me break it down:

  • Connection- work on your connection to the element of water, this can be done by drinking more water, taking weekly relaxing baths, going outside in the rain, or if you're lucky enough to live near the ocean or bay going outside and spending time by the waters edge. I also find that watching nature documentaries on ocean animals really helps me connect to the oceans magick. As you connect to the element of water be sure that you write down you epiphanies & ah-ha moments. The more time you spend in nature the more these will occur. Without a solid connection to the element of water it will be more difficult to find Ocean Magick a rewarding magickal practice.
  • Collection- While i am a firm believer that the only thing we need for magick is ourselves it's good when we are not within a specific element on a daily basis to have touchstones of that element to keep that connection strong. For example- crabs are a very important part of my magickal connection to the element of water and the ocean, I have fond memories of a child catching & playing with crabs. I wear crabs to remind me & help me connect with the ocean when I can not be at the waters edge. What instantly transports you to the ocean? Incorporate that into something you can bring with you or have on your altar space.
  • Magick- it's true the more we work magick the stronger we become; magick is an art & art takes time & practice to refine your skills. Do magick daily; switch it up here are some suggestions for a Ocean magick practice. 
    • Monday- Connect to the moon & how her pull effects the tides & creatures of the ocean.
    • Tuesday- work candle magick, the candles can be ocean colors; greens, blues, & whites.
    • Wednesday- go within & and do path-working or guided meditations to connect you with the spirit of water, the animals that live in the water, and to meet with a sea witch guide.
    • Thursday- create a meal that is ocean/water themed, this could be a miso and seaweed soup for example, a fish dinner. If you don't eat meat or seafood you could always eat "goldfish" or "Swedish fish".
    • Friday- connect with the Goddess of Love Aphrodite, she was born of the sea foam, and is a water Goddess. Connection with her will help you find more self love, love of others, and love of the world.
    • Saturday- Work protective magick around yourself, those you love, & your belongings. Sea Urchin spines are great in protection spells, as are naturally shed sharks teeth, razor clam shells, and horseshoe crab tail spikes: please never harm a living animal to gather magickal supplies.
    • Sunday- Sunday is a day of rest if you wish to work magick on this day you could do magick for success & energy. Take your items outside at noon to charge them with the energy of the sun; do remember though that long term sun exposure will whiten shells, & bones. I wouldn't recommend anymore than 15-20 minutes.
Really Ocean magick is like any other magickal practice but in my experience Ocean Magick tends to be more:

  • Focused inward
  • Protective
  • Primal & sometimes "dark".

Ocean magick isn't always love & light or "harm none", it's about doing what has to be done.



Are you a Sea or Ocean Witch? I'd love to hear from you in the comments below:

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