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Saturday, December 03, 2016

House Protection Spell

In order to be ready for witchcraft we must feel safe in our living environment, this is a powerful spell that I created four years ago.

Items Needed:

  • 1/4 cup of Salt
  • 1/4 cup Dried Rosemary (The witch’s herb)
  • A glass or metal bowl
  • Mortar and Pestle
  • Black Candle (protection) or a white candle with the Rune Algiz inscribed
  • Matches

Timing: The timing for this spell should be somewhere between New To Full Moon, because we are increasing our protection.


Prepare your space, and then yourself for magick in whatever way you see fit. Taking the candle with the Rune Algiz carved on it empower it by speaking out it’s purpose:
A Candle to light the way
to greater protection and safety today
Black all the colors mixed in one
adding their energy until the spell is done
Taking bowl add in the rosemary and the salt mixing it thoroughly with your hands. See your energy mixing with the rosemary and salt, when you feel you have done this step thoroughly adding a bit at a time to the mortar and pestle grind up the mixture into a powder. As you grind in a clockwise fashion (to empower and bring up the energy) say these or similar words:
Two worlds brought together; earth and sea
Bringing the strongest protection to my family(me)
A powder to go around my belongings and home
to create a protective dome.
herbs and salt and a candle to light the way
strong protection night and day.
After you have crushed all the mixture take the mixture and sprinkle it on the door ways, windowsills, and walk around your house three times sprinkling the mixture it doesn’t need to be a lot, a little bit will do. Then walk around to the places you have deposited the salt with the candle.

Place the candle in the center of your living space and close your eyes. Visualize the salt rising and creating a protective dome around your living space and property.

For some the 1/4 cup of herb and salt may not be enough so increase or decrease as needed. If you have an apartment sprinkle this on your windows, closets, laundry room (the dryer often has a vent that leads outside) and near the central air ducts. Sprinkle a fair amount near your front door and if you must vacuum it up only after it has sat for at least three hours. You can always say it’s home made carpet deodorizer. If you have hardwood floors add a pinch to a bucket of water and mop you front door way threshold.

©Katie McBrien 2013

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