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Saturday, May 27, 2017

A Sea Witch Spell to Break Ties

I am going through something in my personal life which requires me breaking and severing some ties that I have had in place for a long time. These ties served me for a long time but they are no longer serving me and I feel it is best for me to cut and release. What you read is the spell I’ll be performing.

Items Needed:

  • Black candle
  • A white candle
  • a piece of string or cord
  • a pair of scissors
  • inscribing tool
  • matches
  • candle holder
  • two razor shells
  • a picture representation of me and the person i’ll be separating from.

Timing: Waning to Dark moon.

Tide: High to Low Tide.

Gather the required items and prepare yourself for magic, cleanse yourself and your working space with whatever method you find is best.  Inscribe your name on the top part of the candle and then draw a line and then write whatever you wish to break ties with, if it’s a person write their name if it’s an addiction or thing write it’s name. You can also draw pictures.

When the candle is ready place it within the holder, arrange the pictures or representations  on either side of your space place the razor shells in between you and the item, with the string connecting both. On your-side place the white candle, on the other items side place the black candle.

When you are ready light the black candle with this incantation:

“Our time together is now complete
our hold on each other will be obsolete
I no longer will affect you
your power on me I also undo
Unless our paths are meant to be
This is my final goodbye to thee
May in no way this spell reverse
or place upon me any curse.
As I will it so mote it be!”

In about fifteen minutes cut the cord between you and the other representation lighting the white candle with the same incantation.

Let both candles burn out, the white should finish last.

When the spell is complete remove all remains including the physical representations from your house.

You can cleanse the shells, the candle stick, the scissors, and inscribing tool, everything else should be thrown away.


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