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Monday, May 22, 2017

Seasonal Correspondences

Each season holds different energies that we can tap into for our spells & rituals. These correspondences will help you tap into the seasonal energies by giving you magickal associations, animals, & minerals to help deepen your connection & enhance your magick.


Is cold, frozen, and barren. Animals have worked all summer and fall to build up a food store and a tolerance for this harsh season.

Magickal associations: Endings, ridding yourself of negative influences, meditation practices, devotional practices, inner work, dream time practices, and journeying.
Time of day: night/midnight
Animals: bear, fox, rabbit.
Minerals: snow flake obsidian, black obsidian, jet, hematite, howlite, sodalite, owl.


Spring time is the time when everything comes to life, animals awaken from their winter slumber and enjoy a fresh start.

Magickal associations: rebirth, new beginnings, new ventures, planting seeds (either figuratively or actually), fertility magick.
Time of day: early morning dawn.
Animals: rabbit, Robbin red breast, snake.
Minerals: adventurine, moss agate, jade, clear quartz, aquamarine.


Summer is the time of energy and movement. Everything is putting out 110% towards building up for the winter. Trees are green, flowers are blooming, and bee’s are buzzing.

Magickal associations: energy, building up goals to add extra energy to them (business, personal, and relationships), protection. Because summer is related to the sun any magickal act undertaken during this time summer will have added energy.
Time of day: noon, when the sun is at its height.
Animals: bees, frogs, hawk, cardinal (bird), great blue heron, turtle.
Minerals: carnelian, amber, citrine, topaz.


In fall everything puts forth one last burst of energy. Fall is a time of gathering and reaping that which we have planted.

Magickal associations: endings, harvesting which we have worked for, clearing.
Time of day: dusk, night fall.
Animals: cat, bat, dog.
Minerals: labradorite, moonstone, Smokey quartz, amethyst.

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