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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

How are Shamanism & Witchcraft Alike?

This question comes from Alex.

“I read your blog weekly and I see you talk sometimes about Shamanism. I am curious how shamanism and magick are alike? I mean really how can you consider them them the same?”— Alex

What a good question Alex! I have been meaning to write a post that talks about Shamanism & magick.

Shamanism has been around since the dawn of time. It's the first religious practice ever to be recorded by man. Long before the bible or Christianity.

What is Shamanism:

Shamanism is a practice where a practitioner goes into an altered state of consciousness to connect with helping spirits to gain knowledge and bring back healing for either the practitioner themselves or the client.
Shamans work closely with animal guides; also known as Totem animals. Shamans also work intimately with the planet; they spent time in nature, connect deeply with the spirit of nature & it's various devas and spirits.

Shamans can use a variety of tools for their work including but not limited too:

  • crystals 
  • animal bones and fur 
  • plant teachers 
  • drums 
  • rattles 
  • candles
  • incense 

What is Witchcraft?

First lets define magick:

Magick is the art of creating change in accordance to ones will.
This can take form by a witch doing a ritual or spell or even going into the spirit world to do magick. 

I've talked about the magickal practices of witches in other blog posts such as:

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How are they alike? 

They both involve going into an altered state to retrieve power and energy to effect change in this world.

They both work closely with helping spirits.

They both use tools such as; crystals, herbs, rattles, wands, drums, etc.

Both their primary purposes is to connect the practitioner to the energy of the earth around them.

Really it's my opinion that shamanism and witchcraft are the same thing. Shamanism is the oldest version of witchcraft.

I hope this has helped you distinguish between the two and see their similarities. 

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