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Saturday, September 09, 2017

A Charm for Rain

A Charm for rain

I know many witches who will not work weather magick and say that it's bad; but they are the first to go out and try to stop major storms. Weather magick has been worked for centuries by shamans, medicine women, and witches. If you need some rain i suggest trying this charm.

A little additional information about this charm: We are one of the only properties in our area that still has a well, rain is imperative to our water level during hot summer days, I created this charm this in 2011 to break a very hot summer streak with no rain with great success it took several days for rain to come but when it did it rained plenty! It is also a good idea to dismantle this bag after the amount of rain has come that you desire or you could continue to call rain to you causing a different type of problem!

Items needed:

  • dried fern ground up into little pieces
  • brecciated jasper
  • Rice
  • A charm bag
  • self lighting charcoal
  • A fire proof dish to place lit charcoal in
  • match/lighter
  • This charm is meant to be completed outdoors, traditionally fern burnt inside brings protection, outside brings rain.


Gather ingredients listed above, light charcoal and place some fern on the charcoal. Take your charm bag and place some rice in the bag, hold the crystal and visualize the parched earth broken and cracked with large storm clouds over head, see the rain falling upon the earth, place the crystal into the bag with the rice. Hold the charm bag in your hands while passing through the burning fern smoke. Fern burnt outside brings rain, the rice because it needs large amounts of water to grow longs for moisture again, and brecciated jasper is a great stone for weather magick. Visualize the rain clouds forming and thunder booming*note I never visualize lightning because I do not desire anything on my property hit by lightning* as you continue to pass the bag through the smoke; you can create a chant to go a long with this creation of the rain charm, I usually state at least the amount of rain i desire. I take some of the dried fern ashes and add them to the charm bag (be sure nothing is still burning- you can use a spoon to scoop them off the charcoal into the bag) then pass it through the smoke one more time and tie the bag up. This charm should remain outside near your house.

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