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Monday, September 04, 2017

Color In Magick

Color In Magick

The colors play an important role in magick and spellcraft too. Colors have been scientifically proven to change our mood and influence our lives. Colors can be used in: altar cloths, candles, mojo bags, poppets, our clothes, etc.

Red: passion, lust, energy, vigor.
Pink: love, friendship, soul-mate relationships, healing.
Yellow: happiness, optimism, luck, energy.
Orange: road opening, energy, fall/mabon/samhain.
Green: fertility, abundance, goddess energy, the green man, element of earth, the empress (tarot) money.
Blue: the mind, study, healing, element of water, element of air, dreams, wisdom.
Purple: royalty, psychic ability, divination, connection to the God/ddes.
Black: banishing, clearing, hexing/cursing, shadow work, samhain.
White: all purpose color works for all intentions, peace, purity, brings energy to anything.
Silver: Goddess work, astral work, intuition, priestess work, High Priestess(tarot), represents Goddess on the Altar.
Gold: God work, abundance, harvest, Sun Card (tarot), happiness, riches, fortune, represents the God on the altar.

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