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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

The Keys To Successful Spellcasting

Today, I do not share a spell, but rather some information on successful spell casting. Though I refer to Witches in the feminine sense, I am not excluding males. Here are some bullet idea’s to further build upon creating successful spells to manifest you desires and wishes.
  • Your “will” is the most important tool. If you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that your magick will succeed then you’re on your way to successful spell casting.
  • Tools and hard to find ingredients are just pluses as I mentioned in key one the will of the witch makes the magick. A real witch needs nothing more than a desire and strong emotions to create powerful changes in her life.
  • Some spells will need to be re-enforced over a period of time. These include spells for big items such as a house, car, new job, raise, spells that influence other people, etc. Repetition….
  • All spells bend reality, but reality is much more fluid than we give it credit, think of the matrix- if you have not seen the movie do yourself a favor and rent it. However, remember that while on earth there are some things that can not change- you will always remain physically a human (mentally & spiritually you are free to explore other “bodies and realities” look into shape-shifting and shamanic journeying), you are bound to the laws of physics- no flying……, all manner of beasts and creatures exist, on this physical plane however, they do not- Look into shamanic “worlds” understand that the worlds do co-exist and just like the matrix sometimes they overlap and things get a bit screwy. ((mermaids, faeries, elementals, ghosts, warewolves, vampires, etc….))
  • The most powerful witch for a personal need or problem is not someone else with a higher degree or more knowledge! You are the expert! Your emotions and “will” fuels each spell you cast, if you aren’t into your magick, chances are it will NOT manifest. Another witch, has a chance but the best chance for success comes from your need and desire.
  • A real Witch never stops learning, never stops trying to improve her craft, but she doesn’t let her inexperience stop her from trying- just like learning to walk or ride a bike or write, practice makes perfect, and sometimes we have to stumble and fall before we can be a master.

“Real Witches are spiritual athletes they may stumble and fall but the true witches get right up brush off the dirt and get right back to try again.”— Katie McBrien

When your magick fails, sit back and do some journal work look at the time and phase of the moon, your frame of mind, your emotions- did you not get emotional about your need? If not you are missing a key to success! After reflection- rework your spell on paper- look at the moon, the day, the hour, the tide (if your a Sea Witch), and when the time is right re-work your spell(s). Most of the time a blockage exists within us or we are impatient.
When crafting spells, some require you to be real specific about the time frame, if you need 100$ by the end of the month be sure to state that otherwise you 100$ may come after your need has passed. You can always write down what you need and when you need it on a piece of paper and burn it or keep it on you.


Just because the high priestess of the coven of avalon (or whatever) wrote the spell does not mean it’s going to work for you, a real witch adapts to their needs- always.

I hope these little thoughts help you to master the art of spell casting. Look forward to more spells coming soon!

©Katie McBrien 2014- no part of this article can be re-printed or shared without the authors permission or credit given. Sharing is acceptable when credit is given and a link back to my website

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