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Saturday, June 10, 2017

Creating A Powerful Spell

I have been writing and crafting spells my entire life. I never really like to do anything the traditional way though, I am a free spirit like that, adapting spells from books to suit my needs, budget, and experience.

So what steps go into writing a successful spell? There is intention, timing and spell vehicles, ingredients, and then execution.

Writing Your Own Spell

The first step in writing your own spell is:


What do you want to happen? What is your end goal? Intention isn't as simple as it sounds, oftentimes we think we want something but really we want something else. So for example I think I want more money, but what I really want is Financial freedom that more money will bring. Or maybe I may want to attract a new romance into my life but what I really want is to be seen and fully appreciated by someone else.

Determining your true intention can be difficult especially if you sometimes have a hard time looking at the core of yourself and your motivations for things. I know doesn't sound nice but it's true, I'm sorry.

Timing and Spell Vehicles

What is a spell vehicle; i know that sounds strange but to me a spell vehicle is the means at which the spell will bring about your desire.

Is it a candle spell? A Poppet? Perhaps a Spell Jar? Even a crystal grid?

That is a spell vehicle; because it's literally driving your intention into manifestation!

Take into account the Elements and the correspondences for timing, elements, colors, etc. This can be found below.

The correspondences are the fuel that you put inside the spell vehicle.

So if you are doing a candle spell for money you'll want a green candle, that represents money & abundance, the green candle is your vehicles gasoline it will fuel your spell forward to the finish line (well along with raising energy!)

Look at timing too which can be found using the above Spell Correspondences link. You have to consider, time of day; season, day of the week and planets, etc.


We talked briefly about ingredients when I discussed Spell Correspondences. I am going to give you my Gods honest truth; I very RARELY buy spell ingredients, like my crystal healing process, I walk around my house and garden with my intention in mind and see what calls to me. Maybe a sprig of mint, or a rock for my driveway, or even a ring in my collection. However, if I do go out to buy something, I do the same thing at the store(s), I let myself be drawn to what I need unless it's a super specific ingredient (like maybe I need mugwort!)

The Chant or Mantra

So most people think that the best spells are ones that rhyme and sure they are really easy to remember that way, most of the spells I share on here do rhyme, but:

They Don't Have Too!

Here's some of my tricks:

  • spend time creating a rhyming verse
  • speak from the heart
  • call in my guides, guardians, ancestors,etc. 
  • play a song on my phone that evokes the same kind of feeling & sing it while I perform the spell. (i've done this with great success!) 
  • After you have decided your intention, your spell vehicle, your timing, and your chant or mantra, then its time to do the spell.

Spell Casting

There are some basics for pre-during-post spell casting:

Pre-Spell Casting 

  • Cleanse yourself either physically or energetically using: smudge, reiki, a shower, or bath.
  • Gather your ingredients
  • Set up your space

During Spell Casting

  • Be sure that you wont be disturbed
  • Cast a circle if you choose to do so
  • Call in your guides, guardians, ancestors, God/Goddess, etc.
  • Set up your spell vehicle and begin to cast your spell
  • Do your Chant/Mantra and feel the energy rise mentally imagine the energy going into your spell vehicle.
  • Thank what you have called in.
  • Close the circle if you have done so.
  • Write your experiences and feelings in your magickal diary (Book of Shadows

Post Spell Casting

  • dispose of remains in a proper way the general rule is:
  • if you are banishing get it off your property/person
  • if you are invoking or drawing to you keep on your property/person
  • If it's dark magick (hex/curse) it needs to be removed from your property and when you get rid of it do not turn back. 
  • cleanse yourself if it was banishing/cursing/hexing do this by taking a shower or bath. 

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