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Monday, June 05, 2017

The Source of A Witch's Power

This week's Submission Sunday goes a long with last weeks question about Witchcraft & the devil. Anna writes:
“I saw your blog and read some of your posts and I am wondering what is the source of your power if it’s not the devil?” — Anna
A Witch's power doesn't come from the devil, witchcraft & the devil have no connection. A true witch pulls her power from her connection to the natural world and within him or herself.

A Witch's Relationship With Nature

The natural world is probably one of the most important relationship a witch ever cultivates, next to her relationship with her helping spirits.

When I say nature I mean:

  • The landscape where the witch lives.
  • The plants that can be found locally to the witch.
  • The animals that inhabit the wild places where the witch lives. 

I haven't met any witch to date that doesn't want to spend time connecting to the land around him or her. To connect with the energy, to feel that divine connection, is very important.

The Witch Power Within

Another source of a Witch's power is the power within themselves. A real witch constantly strives for balance of the energy coursing within them. They meditate, work on their chakras, play with crystals that bring balance, etc.

Before a spell or a ritual most witches use a cleansing bath or do some meditation to find balance and then draw the power of the earth through themselves and into what they are working on.

The Power of Spirit

As many witches as there are in the world, and trust me there are a lot (one facebook group has over 336,825 people within it. (remember not everyone is ON Facebook or will like/join a group) there are ways to connect to the divine. Some work with Isis, others, Diana, some work with God, others work with Pan. It all depends on the witch, their background, heritage etc.

Most Witches have a connection with the divine and call on that relationship for power and connection.

Me, I work with Hekate the Greek Goddess of the crossroads & Sedna in my sea witchery. I feel a close connection with the God Ra.

As you can see a Witch draws his or her power from nature, the divine, and themselves. There is no devil or evil in real witchcraft.

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