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Saturday, June 17, 2017

The Most Powerful Spell

A lot of times i'm asked to write spells for others, as you can imagine being a witch out of the broom closet, everyone wants the best most powerful spell for their problem.

I used to be that way too; I would seek high and low at yard sales and large book stores for ancient spell books that maybe hidden. I wanted someone to give me a key to my issues and solve my problems.

It's True! 

I've learned though that the most powerful and quick manifesting spells are the ones that we write ourselves.

Yeah i kinda wish i knew that before I purchased over 100 spell books; but they weren't completely useless; after reading thousands of spells I learned about the basics of spell work. The keys to crafting a successful spell.

If you are a powerful spell searcher someone who wants an ancient fix to their modern problems this is my advice:

Write it yourself! 

The best spells are the ones that we write ourselves with words from our own heart, ingredients that we don't have to spend our live savings on, and time that fits into our schedule!

“The magick isn’t in the ingredients, the words we say, or even the timing. The magick is within us! Learn to be in complete alignment and you can manifest your hearts desire”

— Katie McBrien

So how does one create the perfect spell? Click here to find out!

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