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Monday, December 04, 2017

Major Updates!

Good Morning, so some of you may be wondering; what happened this is a new look. I have taken a lot of time, thought about where I want to go and my current situation. I have been hosting my website on various websites throughout the years:

2012- webs
2014- weebly
2015- 2016- wordpress
2017- squarespace and weebly.
2017- onwards blogger with google.

Over the years I have spent hundreds, if not thousands, on website hosts and domain names; I own:


and a couple that I don't remember anymore.

The short of it is; I can't bring to you what I want too if i am spending all this money on web hosting and putting my energy into all those websites all over the place.

I shrunk away from who I was in hopes that I would attract a big following of various different types of people; instead of just being myself and the right people would come. I am sure some of you don't even know who I am because i've changed so much over the years.

I dulled my light so that I wouldn't push anyone away because I felt that I could help everyone; but the truth is you can never help everyone you can only help those who are ready and in alignment with your truth and your message.

I had my message on so many different sites and platforms I lost sight of what the message really was.

Not anymore; I am putting it all together and if you don't like it; I am sorry. I am a Shaman, a Tarot Life Coach, Reiki Master Teacher, and a Witch.

I do Reiki, crystal magick, and I have a big passion for spells.

So here I am going to be just me, all of my websites will point here. All my offerings are going to be through PayPal on here (PayPal is super secure and has buyers protection.)

Thank you so much for your understanding and continued support of my constant changing and upgrades. I have a core group of people in my Inner Circle.

I am switching up my freebies they will all be hosted on a password protected on a free WordPress website, the password and log on information will be sent out with each of my e-mail communications.

I am still going to do my monthly newsletter PDF with amazing free content that is printable for your Book of Shadows; which will be downloadable from my e-mail correspondences.

I feel really good and happy about this choice.

Many Blessings to you and those you hold dear this Holiday Season!

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