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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Reiki Symbols

About The Symbols

The Reiki symbols are powerful connectors to Reiki energy, they are the cornerstone for Reiki practice. In Reiki one, when we first become a practitioner, we aren't given any Reiki symbols. In Reiki two and three we are given symbols to help our ability to further channel energy.

The symbols originate from the attunement process where a practitioner becomes enabled to channel Reiki energy. They are placed directly in our aura & our chakras otherwise known as our energetic body.

The Symbols

In traditional Reiki there are four symbols they are the powerhouse of the Reiki energy and allow us to channel a specific type of the Reiki energy.

Cho Ku Rei

This symbol, given in Reiki two, is the power symbol is allows an increase in the Reiki energy to flow. It opens a practitioner to be able to flow more Reiki energy during a healing or manifestation ritual.

  • Increased energy & power. 
  • Protection on all levels. 
  • Good for healing a specific area like a "laser". 
  • Helps to foster good energy. 
  • Helps to enhance all relationships. 
Use Cho Ku Rei before giving reiki and afterwards to seal off the energy. It's the symbol that is drawn before any other symbol is used and drawn afterwards to seal in that energy. 

Sei Hei Ki

This is the mental emotional symbol taught in Reiki two, which helps to bring together both sides of the brain. Left and right, thought and emotions, to bring peace. Traditionally it's only drawn on the head, but i have found that it's beneficial any where on the body specific the heart and solar plexus chakra where we hold on to painful memories. 

  • Heal the mind & body and bring them together. 
  • Helps to recall information & aid in slowing down memory loss. 
  • Aids one in overcoming additions. 
  • Provides an additional boost in relieving headaches. 
Remember to draw a Cho Ku Rei before and after drawing this symbol. 

Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen

This is the last symbol taught in Reiki two that allows a practitioner to channel Reiki at a distance. Time and space do not exist with this symbol allowing Reiki healing energy to be sent to the past, present, and future. Also allowing a practitioner to send Reiki to someone who is not physically present. 
  • Send healing to the past
  • Help situations in the future that maybe rough. 
  • Allows a practitioner to send Reiki to someone who is not physically present. 
Remember to draw a Cho Ku Rei before and after drawing this symbol. 

Dai Ko Myo

This is one of my favorite symbols, this is the Master symbol taught in Reiki three. For sometime after I become a Reiki Master Teacher, i only used the symbols I learned in Reiki two feeling like I didn't have a strong connection to this symbol. I have since added it to my manifestation and healing work and have seen a powerful almost immediate change in what I was working on. This symbol ties in the spiritual healing that Reiki two did not focus on. This symbol works on the higher chakra's, bringing powerful transformation.
Remember to draw a Cho Ku Rei before and after drawing this symbol. 

I hope this has helped you learn more about the healing and transformation that becoming a Reiki practitioner can bring not only to themselves but their community. 

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