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Monday, December 11, 2017

Weekly Tarot Reading 12.11.2017

Weekly Tarot Reading 12.11.2017

Welcome to another fabulous week! How is everyone preparing for the holidays? I am still at a loss of what to get those closest to me. My mind seems to be focusing on everything but the holidays and gift giving. Admittedly, I've never really had the holiday spirit, well at least I haven't in the last 20 years. 

This week we are using the Everyday Witch Tarot by Deborah Blake and Elisabeth Alba. 

This week we are joined by the Chariot, this card is all about choosing which direction we want to go. Both choices look equally optimistic but we are at a crossroads and aren't to sure which direction we want to go forward with. It is important to know that we don't have to make this choice by ourselves. Just as this witch has her trusted cat familiar with her; we have those who support us and love us to call on to help us decide. 

Even if you are physically alone you are never truly alone. Spirit is right with you and can help you make the best choice for you at this time, all you have to do is remember to ask. 

Meditation questions:
  • Where do I really want to go? 
    • What is the best way to get there?
  • Who can help me with this journey? 
  • Am I still in alignment in mind, body, and spirit?
    • Do I need to do some soul work to get me back into alignment? 
Now I want to open this up to you in the comments: Do you like these meditation questions? How did this card resonate with you? Please register for disqus, it's free, and leave a comment below. 

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