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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

About Sea Shamanism

About Sea Shamanism:

So a lot of people have sent me e-mails asking

"Katie what exactly is Sea Shamanism, and how is it different than regular shamanism?" 

I am so glad you asked!

What is Sea Shamanism:

Sea Shamanism is my personal practice of Shamanism, it's mine, I developed it.

Let me explain:

There is great power at the ocean's edge. It's:
  • limitless
  • it's unrealized potential
  • it's cleansing
  • it's restorative
  • it's peaceful
The ocean itself is very healing, in fact i'd go as far to say it's job is to cleanse the world.

In my magickal practice; one of the first things I learned was how healing salt was. It's used to cleanse and clear everything, people, places, things. It's protective, it can be used to ward off negative energy and evil spirits; basically bad mojo!

Not only is the water of the ocean cleansing but the sand that makes up the beaches have incredibly powerful medicine too.

Scientifically sand consists of broken shells, worn down rocks and crystals, specifically quartz, mica, and feldspar.

Metaphysical properties of quartz:

Clear quartz is a popular stone; it is so popular because it can be programmed for any use. It can be used for healing, protecting, energizing, growing, etc. It is a stone of amplification which means that it will enhance whatever you program it with.

Metaphysical properties of feldspar:

Helps us to find different ways to accomplish our goals, increases intuition, helps us become more self aware & knowledgeable about ourselves. 

Metaphysical properties of Mica:

Helps us to find clarity and see situations for what they really are. Assists us in pealing away layers of ourselves and situations. Increases flexibility in situations. 

As you can see these are powerful rocks that make up the sand. The salt water constantly takes the sand and cleanses it with the salt. Through the process of entrainment when we visit a beach our vibration becomes aligned with all those little rocks and crystals in the sand.

Whatever bad energy we are holding on too goes into the crystals and becomes cleansed by the residual salt on the beaches, in the air, and in the water. Really it's a process of give and take. We give what no longer serves us, or is bad for us, and we take what we do need.

I believe this unspoken exchange of energies is what draws so many people to the ocean; what calls us to it's animals, and to sit and listen to the crashing waves.

How Sea Shamanism it works:

In my personal brand of Shamanism, Sea Shamanism, I work with not only physical representations of the ocean such as: 
  • sand
  • shells
  • animal shells and remains (bones) 
  • ocean water
I also work with these animals energetically in the Shamanic Journey. 

A shamanic journey is when a shaman leaves his or her body and her soul travels to different "worlds" to bring back healing and information for the community. 

I help my clients by assisting them to connect with a guide from the ocean, guiding them in how this guide will help them improve their life, doing traditional shamanic ceremonies with my guides and their guides to heal the past and assist the future. 

Some of the shamanic services I can provide are:

   ☼   Soul retrievals 
   ☼   Power animal retrievals 
   ☼   Gratitude ceremonies 
   ☼   Psycho-pomp ceremonies 
   ☼   Curse removal ceremonies 
   ☼   House and space clearing ceremonies 
   ☼   Among others practices as needed. 

Other Metaphysical Practices and how they relate to Sea Shamanism:


In my Sea Shamanic practice I bring in my Tarot Life Coaching skills in as well. I work close with the tarot for almost everything. In fact there isn't a major life choice (moves, relationships, work, etc) that I don't consult the tarot on first. 

The Tarot is a trusted friend, a way for my guides to speak with me outside of journey. The tarot is more than just a predictive tool to tell the future of clients. 

The tarot is a map of the human experience, there isn't a situation that we could go through that isn't expressed in the 78 (sometimes more) cards in a tarot deck. 

During my shamanic work I use tarot to help uncover what may be hidden from not only myself but my clients to help them really have breakthrough moments and find deep soul healing on re-occurring patterns and issues. 


Reiki is a really really powerful energy healing modality. 

If you are not familiar with Reiki highly suggest you check out this blog post about my journey with Reiki

When I work with my clients I will incorporate Reiki as well. I have channeled a Sea Reiki symbol in journey that I use to help bring about deep cleansing and protection in addition to traditional symbols taught in Reiki. 

Reiki pairs well with all practices, shamanism is included. 

In my Shamanic work I have used Reiki with clients, some are already Reiki practitioners but forget to use Reiki on themselves, some wish to learn and I have created a mentorship program for them, e-mail me for more information.


Crystals are another love of mine. I use crystals everyday. I wear crystals in my jewelry, I have them on my altar, and in my pockets.

Crystals effect our energy through the process of entrainment.

Entrainment is when our energy aligns with the higher energy of something else. 

I write in detail about the different properties of crystals here and what they mean.

Crystals combine well with other healing modalities because they can be used for anything and everything we can think of & because most crystals do not bring metals and toxins into our system there is no chance for an overdose or adverse reaction.

These are just a few of the modalities that I utilize in my own shamanic practice that makes up Sea Shamanism.

I'd love to connect with you and work with you to help bring healing and transformation into your life. 

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