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Monday, January 22, 2018

Card of the Week 1/22/2018

Hello fellow Sea Travelers, another week is upon us and that means it's time for another weekly reading. First I have some things to share; some website related and a personal share.

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I am not to sure if anyone has noticed but the new site is up and running for the most part. You can visit to check it out. My blog is still hosted on blogger; I did that because blogger is easier for me to get to blog weekly and it's something I anticipate will be around for sometime. The website hosting I have is pretty new so there is always the possibility that they will close their doors in the next couple years.

This weekend went by way too fast, I sat at my computer and 8 hours later it was time for dinner and to relax. I spent all weekend working on my website and offerings. It was a lot of fun; i really do love building websites.

On a personal note, this past weekend was really hard for me. I am not entirely too sure what the difference was between Saturday and Sunday, but Sunday I woke up feeling very hopeless.

Sometimes knowing things on a soul level isn't as easy as one would think, I swear my next life I am going to ask not to be blessed with the knowledge of foresight. Usually I know things way before they happen, years sometimes, and I have a hard time facing that the reality I see isn't ready to be born yet. I get really bad anxiety attacks.

There was one instance in high school that I remember quite clearly that I was 100% sure that someone wasn't telling me the truth about something. I pushed and pushed because I knew that I was right. It took the person 3 years to admit to me that I was right and that they just couldn't tell me I was at the time. I remember that feeling in the pit of my stomach knowing I was right and i couldn't figure out why the person just couldn't admit. I am there right now again. I promised myself I wouldn't ever allow myself to get in this position again.

This week we are joined by the five of swords. Just the illustration gives us a good idea of what the energy week is going to be like. Here I see a woman (left) that is busy working hard but is completely oblivious to her two witch friends and their feelings. The one on the far right is crying she's pretty upset and the one in the middle is like WHAT THE HECK! 

This week we have to be cautious of those around us; make sure your team (family/friends) are okay. It's all good to be focused on the end result the prize, so to speak, but not at the expense of others. 

Sometimes the need for always being right comes with a cost that is not worth it. 

On the flip side you may find yourself in one of those other witches shoes, you may be the victim here. Try not to take it personally and see it for what it is. Everyone is off in their own direction doing their own thing, sometimes we are in alignment with each other and sometimes we aren't. As long as you act with integrity it will be okay. 

Does this reading resonate with you? I'd love to know, leave me a comment below. 

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