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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Important Updates

Good day my fellow sea travelers! I hope everyone is having a fantastic Tuesday! I wanted to swim on by to write a quick blog post to say that I'm making a few changes to the Sea Shaman website

I know, I know, I've made so many changes that i'm sure you're all pretty sick of me by now but these are going to be permanent (as long as this company stays in business!)

What's going to change:

We'll I am going to put it simply; I came across a fantastic amazing AWESOME deal (once in a lifetime.) 

Lifetime hosting for a single website for just 49$. That just doesn't happen.

I have found yearly hosting for about 90$ but that's every year.

Not for the lifetime of the company or your business! 

Even if this company doesn't last, and they close down, even if it's 2 years or more it's a steal and well worth my money! 

Let me explain what's going to change:

(Please keep in mind I do 99% of the back end website tech myself so I am pretty sure I can follow through with what's on this list). 

  • my blog's web address is going to change to 
  • my main address is going to remain the same. It's going to take you to my new website. 
  • I have to remap every single blog post on this blog throughout my social media channels it's going to take a lot of work probably an entire days worth of work... Some Pinterest pin's that are already pinned are going to lead to broken pages; really there's no way around that.... 
  • I am keeping my blog (what you're reading now) on blogger. I've thought long and hard about this one. The pro's and con's of keeping my blog on blogger instead of migrating all my content to a blog hosted through the hosting company. I could definitely do this but if for some reason this company were to go under and close down I would at least have my blog's content hosted free on blogger instead of loosing everything and having to start over again. I don't see google closing it's doors anytime soon so this blog is here to stay! 
  • I am not going to re-brand. My awesome logo is going to remain the same. My colors are going to be teal and light blue to match my crab in my logo. 
  • My Shop is going to move on the new website- you'll still be able to checkout through paypal or stripe to have that extra buyers protection, but this website allows me to host a store on it. So Digital Downloads, E-Books, Tarot Readings, and my coaching is going to move to the new website. 
  • The Inner Circle- This website hosting co. also allows you to register for my website as a member and get access to exclusive pages; check out super fast on the website for reoccurring purchases and orders. So my freebies section, the Inner circle is going to move over there. 

I was going to pass this deal up, i swore 2018 wasn't going to be about website hosting but I mean really as a business owner how can you pass up free LIFETIME hosting after a onetime fee of $50? 

So I spent all of Sunday playing around with a trial version of my new site; I absolutely love it! It's easy to figure out as a web designer - it's not wordpress (ugh hate wordpress!). 

As a user it's clean, professional, and fast.

Because I realize that some of my fellow sea travlers may be business owners themselves let me pop the deal up for you here keep in mind it's time sensitive.

I'm not an affiliate so I make NO money from sharing this link. 

I think there's something like 1,300.00 more spots left for this deal which should go super fast! 

As a side note if you're a business owner subscribe to AppSumo they have some amazing deals that usually cost no more than 50$ and are usually lifetime deals too! 

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