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Monday, January 29, 2018

Card of the Week 1/29/2018

Hello fellow sea travelers, it's time for another weekly card reading. We got to enjoy some warmer weather here in Pennsylvania this past week and weekend. I'm sad that we are back to cold and snowy weather, I guess though it is January and it's supposed to snow this time of year.

This week we are going to use the Wisdom of Avalon Oracle deck.

The butterfly is beautiful omen of transformation. We ourselves are constantly undergoing different transformations, this can be seeing things in a new light, deciding to change for the better, changing our physical appearance, etc.

This week you're going to see a situation around you transform for the better. This may not be an actual change in circumstances but instead how you view the situation. Perhaps you're having problems with someone and they have been making life very difficult for you; this week you may hear a story that gives some background into why they are the way they are, and it may shift your understanding of who they are and you may find yourself feeling compassionate towards them.

Whatever you see this week, good or bad, try to find the beauty in it and you yourself, like the butterfly will begin to transform.

What transformations are you going through right now? What tough situations can you shift your perspective on? 

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