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Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Card of the Week 1/2/2018

Happy New Year! I wish for each one of you a wonderful 2018; full of love, laughter, and happiness. 

Sorry this week card of the week is a bit late. The full moon had me quite tuckered out and I went home yesterday after work and took a nice long nap. This week we are again using the Everyday Witch Tarot! I love this deck; I often use the app on my iPhone for quick guidance when I am out and about.

This week we are joined by the Sun! What a wonderful start to a new year! There is so much to celebrate; new beginnings brought on by a new year. Which means anything is possible.

One of the women is pregnant which is a positive sign for new ventures and new beginning the seeds we planted in 2017 are beginning to germinate and show results. Don't let FEAR stop you now. Keep going.

I'll quote one of my favorite songs by the band Kewella "Marching on"

Fear is the end of love
Don't tell me that you're giving up
Fear is the end of love
Don't tell me that you're giving up
Fight like the underdog
Don't tell me that you've had enough
Left, right, left, we're marching on
We're marching on
We're marching on

No matter what you're doing there's love and passion behind it; but fear has this funny way of stopping us from going towards what we are most passionate about. The sun reminds us that anything is possible and a positive and successful outcome is in our future. Just keep marching on

When I start a new year I like to think about what goals I have and what I am bringing into my life for the current year.

Me I am bringing in:

  • more authenticity- I'll be sharing a lot more about my struggles, journey, and practices that sustain me. 
  • more fun- I don't often allow my self the chance to have fun and laugh; but 2018 I am going to make that my top priority. There's a few people that really bring out this side in me; so i'll be spending time with them. 
  • more abundance- I think that if you work a full time job you shouldn't be struggling so bad financially; especially if you're also an entrepreneur. If you are it's time to work towards more financial abundance. 
  • more love- now I am not really referring to romantic love; everyone can use more love though especially with the current state of the world. I'd love to start something where we become less fearful of sharing when someone positively impacts our life. There's shouldn't be anything wrong with going up to someone and saying "you've made a positive impact on me; i love you for that."
I think that's about it for my list; i'd love to know:

What are you bringing to life in 2018

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